Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I hope you and your loved ones all have a great Christmas and that all of your wishes come true in the new year!

As a Christmas gift, please drop by Smashwords and pick up a free copy of the Inspector Zhang Boxed Set, which usually sells for $2.99.

Click HERE and use coupon code BN54W.

The great thing about Smashwords is that you don't need an eReader - you can download it as a PDF or read it online.

Enjoy the holidays and I'll see you again in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Wish It Was Real!

My friend Ellen did this for me. I love it!  I wish that it was a real advertising campaign but sadly it isn't!    And I love the red shoes!  :-)

Oh, the book is real enough.  Friendly Fire, it's a Spider Shepherd short story. You can find it  HERE in the UK and HERE in the US!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nightshade Cover

Hodder have come back with a new cover idea for the new Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller, Nightshade.  The book is being edited as we speak and should be in the shops next April!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Cover For Spider Shepherd

Hodder have come up with a terrific cover for the new (and as yet unwritten!) Spider Shepherd book, True Colours.  Having the title and cover ready before the book is finished does concentrate the mind wonderfully!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My New Boxed Set

I've just put my new boxed set up on Kindle.  It has three of my Asian Heat erotic stories, plus three very short stories set in Thailand.

The stories in this collection are THE THREESOME (where a guy gets more than he bargains for when he takes his wife to Thailand to fulfill a long-standing fantasy), THE ALPHABET GAME (where a man tries to sleep with girls corresponding to the letters of the alphabet) and THE PREGNANT WIFE (in which a guy meets the girl of his dreams when he least expects it).

You can buy it in the UK HERE

And in the US HERE

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Cover For Nightshade

Hodder have come up with a new cover idea for Nightshade, the new Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller which will be published in April next year.  I'm a big fan of the guy in the raincoat!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Threesome - My New Erotic Short Story

Well, I say erotic, but I'm not sure how erotic it is!   It's about a man who lusts after a threesome with his wife and another girl, and how his life changes forever when he gets what he wants.

I wrote it immediately after finishing my new Jack Nightingale novel - Nightshade.  Nightshade is now being edited and should be in the shops next April.

I'll be starting the new Spider Shepherd book soon but in the meantime I'm having fun writing short stories. I want to do one called The Ladyboy Lover and I'm plotting out some Spider Shepherd stories about his time with the SAS in Afghanistan.

Short stories are great fun but they are hard work.  With a short story, what you leave out is almost as important as what you put in!

Anyway, you can buy The Threesome in the US HERE.

And in the UK HERE.

Do let me know what you think!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Cover In Search Of A Book

I'm flat out on the new Jack Nightingale book and should have finished it in a day or two.

But as always my mind is at work on other projects.  I have several books that I want to write, but last week I found myself browsing on an eBook designer's website. You can see the website HERE

The company is called Damonza and I just love their work. They do great covers and videos and seem really professional.

They have a stack of pre-designed covers for just $195 and one of them really caught my eye.

I just loved it, and showed it to my Facebook friends. Within hours one of my FB friends came back with a title. Murder aGoGo.  Wow, that just blew me away so immediately I bought the cover.  Damonza are amazing to deal with and less than 48 hours later I was the proud owner of -

So I now have a cover, but no book.  But what a great incentive to get started. I already have the hero, I think. Tricky Ricky, who runs a Pattaya gogo bar. And there'll be a murder, of course. Probably several!  Watch this space!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nightshade - almost done!

I'm flat out on the new Jack Nightingale book at the moment - it has to be done by the end of October.  Should be okay as I'm in full flow!  It's got a much higher body count than the previous books, which always helps!

Hodder have come up with a cover idea but it's not quite right - mainly because Jack rarely uses a gun and is more at home in cities than fields.  I also think the guy with the gun has a beard, which is very un-Nightingale. And Jack isn't a fan of bomber jackets.  I should get another cover in the next week or so - hopefully with Jack's trademark raincoat and satanic symbols!

I am having great fun with Nightshade, there's a fair bit of real police stuff in it but some very nasty black magic, too. If all goes to plan it'll be in the stores next April.  As I'm writing Nightshade I'm also researching the new Spider Shepherd book - more on that later!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Drury Lane Theatre - A Warning

If you're thinking of buying tickets for shows at the Drury Lane Theatre, whatever you do don't buy them through this company -

They have a website at www.royaldrurylanetheatrelondon.com and it's a con - they are nothing to do with the theatre and charge you over the odds for any tickets.

They pretend to be the theatre box office (or at least they did with me) but they aren't. I reckon that's fraud.

If you do want tickets for the Drury Lane Theatre - they did Shrek The Musican and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - then the website to visit is www.reallyuseful.com/

It's Andrew Lloyd-Webber's company and you should always buy your tickets direct from him.

Click HERE for tickets.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brilliant Review In The Sun

The Sun has just given my book False Friends a brilliant review.  False Friends got to Number 4 in the Sunday Times hardback bestseller list, too, which also cheered me up no end!

Friday, August 3, 2012

False Friends - And True Heroes

False Friends is out, and selling well.  It’s already in the Top 100 on Kindle and is in all good bookshops and supermarkets.

There are two new characters in the book that I’m really pleased with. Harveer “Harvey” Malik and Manraj “Raj” Chaudhry, British-born Pakistanis who have infiltrated an al-Qaeda cell on behalf of MI5.

Because they are innocents in the undercover business, Dan “Spider” Shepherd is brought in to babysit them.

Harvey and Raj are great characters and I’m thinking of bringing them back in a novel of their own.  I’ve written Muslim characters before, but generally they’ve been terrorists planning to cause mayhem in the UK.  In False Friends, Raj and Harvey are true heroes, putting their lives on the line for their country.  It was something getting inside the heads of characters so different from me in terms of ethnicity and religion, but I was helped by a pal who is a UK-born Bangladeshi Muslim who gave me an insight about what it’s like to be a British-born Asian Muslim in the UK post 9-11.

I’m already plotting the Spider Shepherd book for 2013 – based on the Russian oligarchs who now call London their home.  There have been a number of Russian assassinations taking place in London and I’m going to involve Spider!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Video For False Friends

This is the video for the new Spider Shepherd book - False Friends - out on August 2. I think it's amazing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Italian Edition Of The Basement

Amazon are getting ready to bring out the Italian version of The Basement. I think the cover is amazing!  And they are working on the German version as we speak.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Me At The Harrogate Crime Writing Festival

I’m just back from the Harrogate  Crime Writing Festival – three days of talks and events involving some of the country’s top crime-writing talent.  Why was I there?  Truth be told, I’m writing a short story called Inspector Zhang Goes To Harrogate where my Singaporean detective solves a locked room mystery in the Old Swan Hotel where the festival is based.

I went with my 13-year-old daughter and she had a blast. The high point for me was the Come Die With Me murder mystery dinner where we had to solve a murder. Our table won!  There several writers on the table - including the talented Chris Ewan who signed a copy of his book Safe House for my daughter - but it was two lady readers who solved the case for us.  We all won a set of books by Ann Cleeves who hosted the dinner.  Everyone had a great time and I'm still on a high for winning!

I got to meet some old friends and to hang out with writers like Matt Hilton, Peter Robinson, John Connolly, Simon Kernick and Zoe Sharp, and to meet readers and Facebook friends. I also met my old mate Barry Forshaw - see below!  Twins, or what?

While I was there I appeared on a panel called 'Wanted for Murder: the e-book', where a group of us discussed ePublishing, a subject I do know a fair bit about.

It turned out to be quite a surreal experience.  Fun, but surreal.  Running the festival this year was Mark “Scaredy Cat” Billingham, one of the best writers in the business as well as a top stand-up comic.  Mark came over to me in the green room before the panel and had a quiet word with me. Basically there is danger of the panels turning into a luvvie love-fest and he wanted me to take a view and be a tad confrontational if at all possible. He wanted the panel to be the talking point of the festival.  I’m never one to duck a good argument so I said I’d go for it.

In the chair was Channel 4 presenter Mark Lawson, and on the panel with me were a publisher, another writer who hasn’t sold many eBooks, an agent and a bookseller.  It was pretty much going to be four against one from the start.

What surprised me was how the audience seemed so set against cheap eBooks.  Rather than taking my view that books are best sold at a price that readers find attractive, the general feeling of the audience seemed to be that books were already – as one man said – ‘cheap as chips’ and that Norwegians had to pay £40 for one of Jo Nesbo’s books. When I explained that I had sold half a million eBooks last year, most of them for less than a quid, I was surprised to hear a few boos and hisses rather than the applause that I had expected.

On the panel was a horror writer by the name of Steve Mosby. I don't remember much about him other than we discussed tattoos, which he is something of a fan of. Mosby was clearly unhappy at appearing on the panel with me and went on to spend the next year or so insulting me on Twitter and on his blog and making the most bizarre accusations about me. 

I later discovered what a truly unpleasant man Steve Mosby is. While claiming to be a feminist he is quite happy to use the C-word as an insult in public.

Mosby is a pal of Harry Potter writer JK Rowling, though I doubt she is aware of this tendency to describe people as c***s.

Also on the panel was a short, plump agent called Phillip Patterson who also went on to post insulting comments on me on Twitter. All very strange.

The most surreal moment for me came when the President of the Publisher’s Association, Ursula Mackenzie, was trying to defend their policy of maintaining eBooks at a high price.  Basically she was saying that books needed to maintain their value and that 20p and free eBooks needed to be stamped on.

I understand her view, but I’m a big fan of selling eBooks at lower prices providing you can get high volumes of sales. And I’m happy enough to give books away if it helps to bring in new readers.

So I explain to Ursula – and the audience – that I can write a short story in five days and am happy to sell that at the Amazon minimum of 72p which generates me an income of 25p. 


At this point in my blog I mentioned a comment that I remembered had come from Ursula about earning 5p a book.  Having heard the recording of the panel I realise that I had misremembered this and the comment was made by Mark Lawson. I owe Ursula an unreserved and total apology for this and I will be writing to her personally to apologise. Truly my memory let me down and I am so so sorry. I can only think that the stress of the panel caused caused my memory to play tricks on me.

The point I wanted to make - which applies to Mark's comment and not to anything that Ursula said - was that of course I don’t work for 5p a day.  My Inspector Zhang stories sell about five or six hundred copies a month. Each. So one story sells 6,000 copies a year. So over the next ten years it could sell 60,000 copies which means I’d get £15,000, which is £3,000 a day.

Mark turned to the conversation around to the cost of books and how much went to the publisher, and asked Ursula to justify why the publisher’s took the lion’s share.  She put forward the old arguments about editing and marketing and I tried to explain that with eBooks, an author with a large fan base can use fans to edit and proof-read.  Everyone seemed to think that meant I thought writers could do away with editors, and of course that’s not the case. But not every writer needs a hard edit, some writers need little more than proof-reading and fact-checking and that can be done through fans.

The audience were quite strange when I talked about piracy, and I thought I was about to be lynched when I said that I regarded pirates as helping to market my books.  Someone shouted ‘Tosser!’ which was a bit harsh. What was a bit surprising was that it seemed to come from Mark Billingham’s direction. 

I didn’t really get a chance to explain what I meant, which was a pity. Of course mass piracy would destroy publishing and destroy my income. But controlled piracy, where pirated books represent a small fraction of the total books available, can be a help to get a writer better known.  My opinion is that readers who buy pirated copies wouldn’t buy the real book anyway. But once they have become a fan, they might. The reader who starts off buying a pirated copy of one of my books might move on to buying hardbacks. It happens.

But I didn’t get the chance to say that. I did meet a lot of self-published writers at the festival – writers like Kerry Wilkinson, Allan Guthrie, Mark Edwards and Louise Voss.  All have stormed up the Kindle charts selling low-priced books.  I’m not going to put words into anyone’s mouth but I can tell you that most of the self-published writers I know have no fear of piracy and most embrace it.  Publishers don’t get it.  They don’t get the whole DRM thing either, where eBooks are ‘protected’ except of course they’re not.  Ursula, representing the publishers, was vehement that DRM was a good thing. Even traditionally-published author Steve Mosby tried to explain that DRM doesn’t work and isn’t fair in that it stops a reader transferring a book that he has already bought between different devices.  But Ursula wouldn’t have it.  I should say at this point that I was talking to one of the really big names at the festival and he has a Kindle and he has a neat like program that removes the DRM protection. I would love to tell you who it is but my lips are sealed!

Ursula was easy to argue with, as was the token agent, Philip Patterson. He was a lovely guy and I do feel guilty about blind-siding him with the question that most writers have – what exactly does an agent do to earn his 15 per cent when a writer sells most of his books through Amazon with whom there is almost no room for negotiation.  He didn’t come up with an answer and I did apologise to him afterwards.  The simple fact is that if a writer is self-publishing eBooks then he doesn’t need an agent.  Of course if that self-published author is then approached by a publishing house, that’s when you do need an agent in your corner.

What was strange is how a couple of agents started tweeting quite nastily about me.  One wondered how I would sell my foreign rights without an agent.  That’s a good question. I’d sell them myself, it’s not difficult. And in my experience, foreign rights barely cover the 15 per cent of the main UK deal. 

Frankly I think publishers and agents are going to have a difficult few years as the whole eBook business works itself out.  And so are the book sellers. But of all the people on the panel, other than myself of course, I thought that the token bookseller was the guy who was most ready to take advantage of it. He was Patrick Neale of JaffĂ© and Neale Bookshop in Chipping Norton.  He’s a very smart guy who really understands his trade.  I think that the large book chains, the ones that are left, are going to be in big trouble soon but guys like Patrick can survive and prosper.  He’s seen a boom in hardback sales, but is also selling coffee in his shop and looking to profit from eBook sales. It was clear from listening to him that he is adapting his business to take advantage of the way books are changing, as opposed to the publishers who are fighting to maintain the status quo.

I guess the reason the audience were so unsympathetic to my views on piracy and low prices is because they are quite a different audience to my core readership.  I guess the big question is how my views would be received by a younger audience.  Hopefully they wouldn’t shout ‘tosser!’

Anyway, Mark Billingham came afterwards, shook my hand and agreed that we’d achieved our objective – the tweets were already flying around the world and the festival was buzzing. Oh, and I pretty much finished Inspector Zhang Goes To Harrogate.  Much as I’d like the victim to be an overweight agent with badly-dyed hair, it’s an author who meets an untimely end.  And yes, I’ll be selling it at 72p.

         Me and Matt Hilton at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why I won't be using Nokia again!

Kenneth Listening

Kenneth: Hi, my name is Kenneth. Thank you for contacting Nokia Care Chat. How may I help you?

Kenneth Hi Stephen, how are you doing today?

 Stephen Leather Hi. I have an N95 which has stopped working.

 Stephen Leather I am in Thailand and took it to the Nokia service centre in Bangkok

 Stephen Leather They say they do not have the parts and they cannot repair it.

 Stephen Leather It is only three years old!

Stephen Leather Help!!!!!

 Kenneth I understand that you need assistance with your Nokia N95 that has recently stopped working and I'm glad to assist you with this one.

 Kenneth May I know if the phone is still turning on?

 Stephen Leather Thanks. The phone will not turn on when you slide it open.

 Stephen Leather Sometimes you can power it by pressing the screen.

 Stephen Leather All the data seems to be there still.

 Stephen Leather It seems to be a problem with the slider.

 Stephen Leather I am in London next week. Can it be fixed there?

 Kenneth I understand, I would like to inform you that Nokia does not have an international warranty and if you'll take it to a repair centre in London, please note that charges may apply.

 Kenneth May I know if you have already talked to the local support group of Nokia in your country? 

Stephen Leather Money isn't the issue. I want my phone to work. The phone was sent to the Nokia Service centre in Bangkok and they say they cannot repair it because they do not have the parts. 

Stephen Leather I have to say that I fail to see why Nokia in Bangkok does not carry the parts to fix a three-year-old phone. :-(

 Kenneth Please understand that if you'll take it to the repair centre in London it is still subject for assessment and we will still check on the availability of the parts.

 Kenneth I'm sure that repair centre will do there best to help you out to repair it but we will still have to check on it and see if the parts that we need on the phone is still available.

 Stephen Leather And presumably I will have to pay for the assessment in London, or is that free? 

Kenneth There is a big chance that assessment fee will also apply specially that your device is from another country.

 Stephen Leather But that is not fair. I have already paid 400 baht (£8) in Thailand to be told that it can't be fixed. I don't see that I should pay more money if there's a chance that you can't fix it.

 Stephen Leather The phone is only three years old.

 Stephen Leather How much is the assessment fee in London?

 Kenneth Please understand that Nokia does not have an international warranty that is why it is recommended to check on your local Nokia Authorise repair centres first some charge for 20 pounds just for the assessment.

 Stephen Leather I bought it in Thailand but now they say they cannot repair it in Thailand! How can they not have the parts for a three year old phone? I don't understand! :-(

 Kenneth Have you already tried a third party repair centre in your area?

 Kenneth We want to help you with your case but the concern is that you are from Thailand and we are not aware of the process for repair in your country.

 Stephen Leather Why would they be able to fix it if the Nokia Service centre cannot?

 Stephen Leather I am not from Thailand, Kenneth. I am English.

 Stephen Leather But I am dealing with the Nokia Service Centre in Bangkok. They are not very helpful! :-(

 Kenneth I understand but the problem is that you have purchased the phone in Thailand.

 Kenneth And Nokia has the limitation to fix handset from another country.

 Stephen Leather I know! When my Nokia N95 stopped working I bought a Samsung Galaxy Pocket phone. The GT-S5300 model. It only cost 5,000 baht, about £100.

 Stephen Leather It is a really good phone. But I want my N95 working again!

 Stephen Leather What can I do to get my N95 working again?

 Kenneth I can only recommend visiting a third party repair centre in Thailand and see if there is something that they can do about your case. That's is the best thing I can recommend for now since Nokia Service Centre in Bangkok can't help you with this one.

 Kenneth Please understand that we really need to follow process for every country.

 Stephen Leather But I am flying to London next week. So I will need to get it fixed there. I will not be in Bangkok.

 Kenneth I understand. In that case, you can send it to a third party repair centre for assessment and hopefully there will be an available part for your Nokia N95.

 Kenneth Once you reach London, please do not hesitate to contact us back and we will recommend a repair centre near your area.

 Stephen Leather I do not understand why Nokia in Thailand cannot fix a Nokia phone.

 Kenneth I am not sure also why they can't fix it. But I'll take note of the information as a feedback.

 Stephen Leather Maybe I will forget about Nokia and stick with Samsung. Do you know about the Samsung Galaxy Pocket? It is a very good phone.

 Kenneth I understand how you feel about this and we want to help you with this one but since the device was purchase from Thailand it is best to get in touch first with Nokia Thailand and if you'll be back in London, please have it checked by repair centre in London and hopefully they can have it checked.

 Stephen Leather I did talk to Nokia in Thailand, Kenneth. They say they can't fix it even though it is only three years old. I am sure that Samsung would be able to fix their phone if it went wrong. What do you think?

 Kenneth I am sorry but I'm not aware how the warranty goes for Samsung.

 Stephen Leather And I do like the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, It does not slide and I think it is the slide on the N95 that has caused the problem. Actually I think it is a much better phone than the N95. What sort of phone do you have, Kenneth?

 Kenneth In United Kingdom the available phones are posted on this link:


 Stephen Leather I know but other than the N95 there isn't really a Nokia phone that I want. If I can't get my N95 working then I would rather use my Samsung Galaxy Pocket and then Nokia will have lost a customer. For ever!

 Stephen Leather Nokia doesn't want to lose me as a customer, does it?

 Kenneth I understand your concern but please understand that you have deal with Nokia Thailand and we are not aware of the process on that country. If you have purchase the handset in United Kingdom, we can recommend that you send it to repair centre and I'm sure that the repair centres will do there best to have your device fixed.

 Stephen Leather Where is the repair centre in London?

 Kenneth Please use this link to locate the repair centres in London:


 Stephen Leather Do you think they will be able to repair my N95, Kenneth?

 Kenneth I'm not sure since the device was purchase from Thailand but there is a contact number found on the link that I've provided and you may want to enquire to them first before you send the phone for repair.

 Kenneth I'm sure that they will still attempt to repair the device.

 Stephen Leather Do you use a Nokia phone, Kenneth?

 Kenneth Yes.

 Stephen Leather I guess Nokia will fix yours if it breaks! It is just a pity that they won't fix mine :-( 

Stephen Leather I am very sad :-( It cost a lot of money and I have only had it for three years!

 Stephen Leather I have had many Nokia phones over the years. But this experience has made my think twice about buying another Nokia.

 Kenneth I understand how you feel but please understand that we have a process to follow in United Kingdom. You can still send it to our repair centre and I'm sure that the repair centre technicians will do there best to have it assess.

 Kenneth If you want I can give you the repair centre number of Nokia in United Kingdom that would be the main repair centre and once you reach London, please call the number and enquire what can be done to your phone.

 Kenneth Please take note of this contact number and that would be 01842 768061 – Operating hours 900 – 1730 UK Time.

 Stephen Leather I think I will probably just continue to use my Samsung Galaxy Pocket phone. It is a very nice phone. I can recommend it to you! It looks great and the battery lasts a long time. And there is no slider to break!

 Stephen Leather Thank you for all your help Kenneth!

Stephen Leather Good bye!

 Kenneth If there will be no other concern, thank you for using Nokia Care Chat and have a nice day. Cheers.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiration From William Beckett

I had a flash of inspiration about my new book, and I have American musician William Beckett to thank for it!

I went to see him at the Immortal Bar in Bangkok last Wednesday. My daughter is a huge fan so I was on chauffeur/bodyguard duty.  Like all good dads I kept out of the way and stood at the back while she hugged the stage.

The show was awesome. He’s one hell of a performer and I can see why my daughter is a fan.    He’s got a website HERE.  He’s got that magical way of connecting with an audience, plus he’s a terrific musician.  Reminded me a bit of David Byrne of Talking Heads, but that’s me showing my age! 

I had a great time and the audience loved him.   Anyway, about midway through the show he decided to explain how the last chord can change a sad song into a happy song.

I’m no musician, but I got what he was saying. And he showed how by playing one sort of chord you felt happy, and another sort of chord and you felt sad - no matter what the words of the song were. Again I’m no musician but it sounded as if the happy chord was going up and the sad chord was going down. He did both versions and I got it right away.

That got me thinking that the same sort of thing applies to books. (And I guess movies).  You can have the saddest story imaginable but if you can end it on a happy note than the reader comes away with a good feeling.  And the thing is, I really need that for the book that I’m just about to start writing.  It’s the fourth in the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective story and it’s going to be dark. Really dark.  So dark that I worry that the reader might come away so down that it’ll spoil the book for them.

But Bill’s technique solves my problem – if I can have an uplifting final few words, it can reverse the whole feel of the book. So for the first time in my writing life I’ve written the ending first!  And if I’m right, it’s pretty much how it will appear, word for word, in the book when it’s published in February next year.

Anyway, here’s the ending of my next book. All I have to do now is to write the first 100,000 words!

‘I’m not sure that I can live with what I’ve done, Mrs Steadman.’
‘You did the right thing, Mr Nightingale.’
‘Even so.’  Nightingale shrugged.
‘I might be able to help.’
‘I could make you forget. It would be as if it never happened.’
‘But it did happen.’
Mrs Steadman nodded. ‘Yes, it did. And because it happened the world is a better place. But I can take away the memory.’
Nightingale forced a smile. ‘You can do that?’
‘I can do pretty much anything I want,’ she said. ‘Providing my motives are pure.’
‘Then I think I’d like you to do it,’ he said.
She tilted her head on one side. ‘It’s done,’ she said.
‘You’re an angel, Mrs Steadman.’
‘So they say, Mr Nightingale. So they say.’

And here's my daughter with the man himself!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Erotic Short Stories!

Like most writers, I'm not entirely sure where the publishing world is headed. EReaders have changed everything, and the old rules don't apply any more.

I'm trying hard to forecast the future - I was certainly right when I saw the eBook boom coming at the end of 2010 and I sold more than half a million eBooks last year.

The question is what will happen next.

I'm pretty sure that the eReader revolution will revitalise the short story market.  With a paperback, buyers are very aware of how many words they are buying. In fact I'm pretty sure that my publisher puts lots of white space in my books so that the number of pages increases and buyers think they are getting a lot of pages for their money!

With an eReader word count isn't important, and I think buyers are going to start snapping up more short stories, especially if they are really cheap.

Now the really great thing about the eReader is that no one knows what you are buying, or what you are reading. This makes it a lot easier to buy and read erotica.  There are no more knowing looks from salespeople and no more disapproving stares on public transport. You can read what you want, when you want, on an eReader.

So combining the two observations, I predict that there will be a boom in erotic short stories. And as I am always one to put my money where my mouth is, I have already self-published three erotic of them!  The first is Banging Bill's Wife, where a young man is persuaded to help a husband satisfy his wife's fantasy.

You can buy it HERE IN THE US and HERE IN THE UK.

Next I wrote and published The Alphabet Game, where a sex tourist's life is changed forever when he sets out to sleep with girls whose name correspond to the letters of the alphabet. All goes well until he meets a girl called Zed...

You can buy it HERE IN THE US and HERE IN THE UK.

The third is The Pregnant Wife, about a young man who discovers a way of getting free sex in Thailand.  He has the life of his dreams until he meets Nok. And when Nok falls pregnant, Dave is in a quandry...

You can buy it HERE IN THE US and HERE IN THE UK.

Anyway, all three are now available on Kindle and on Smashwords. I'll let you know how I get on! And yes, I'm already working on the fourth - The Threesome.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nightfall Interview

Listen to internet radio with ISISXParanormal on Blog Talk Radio
Just did an interview with ISIS Paranormal Radio, talking mainly about the first Jack Nightingale book, Nightfall. You can hear it here!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Armed Cops In London

A new type of armed cop was seen on the streets of London yesterday, members of the Metropolitan Police elite CO19 unit but in plain clothes and with their faces covered, more like the SAS than cops. As it happens my new book False Friends has Spider running around taking on armed terrorists in London, but Spider draws the line at wearing a balaclava! The cops were in Tottenham Court Road to deal with a white guy threatening to blow himself up with gas canisters. The cynic in me can't help but wonder if the whole thing wasn't a set up to demonstrate that the Met is fully prepared for the Olympics and getting us used to seeing masked policeman.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There aren’t many places left where a man can enjoy a cigarette these days – but at least fictional characters can still light up in books. Jack Nightingale – a former cop turned private eye and the hero of my new book Nightfall – is a forty-a-day man. He’s a Brit but he prefers to smoke Marlboro. I’m a non-smoker – unless you count the half dozen or so I tried at school. I never liked it, never saw the point in it, and could never afford the habit anyway. Now that I can afford it I know the dangers and wouldn’t dream of smoking. But when I started writing Nightfall I knew that Nightingale had to be a smoker. It’s something to do with the fact that smokers are the new underdogs, hounded by all and sundry because of their habit. Smoking has been banned pretty much everywhere and the anti-smoking lobby has pretty much forced smoking off movies and television. I get emails from people complaining about Nightingale’s love of nicotine but I like the fact that Nightingale smokes. It makes him an outsider, and a bit of a rebel. The only downside is that when I’m writing about Nightingale I get a craving for a cigarette myself. It’s been forty years since I last held a cigarette, but when I write about Nightingale the urge kicks in. So far I’ve managed to resist! In Nightfall Nightingale inherits a mansion that used to belong to his father. But with the windfall comes bad news – Nightingale’s father was a Satanist who had made a deal with a devil. On Nightingale’s thirty-third birthday, just weeks away, that devil is coming to claim his soul. The more Nightingale looks into his past the more secrets he discovers. And when everyone he talks to about his father dies horribly, he realises that perhaps devils do exist and that he faces an eternity in the fires of Hell. Nightfall is the first book in a trilogy – the further adventures of Jack Nightingale will follow in Midnight and Nightmare. And as the series continues, Nightingale will continue to smoke. I just hope that I can resist the urge to smoke myself!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

False Friends Hardback Cover

Hodder are working on the hardback cover of False Friends, the new Spider Shepherd book which should be out in July. I think it looks great.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Midnight In The States

Amazon are preparing to publish Midnight - the second book in the Jack Nightingale series - in the States. They are doing the final edit and already have the cover.

The first book in the series - Nightfall - was published by Amazon's 47 North imprint last week and is already in the Kindle US Top 200.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top 10 Amazon eBook Writers - And I'm Number Two!

Amazon.co.uk has just announced that Lee Child is the most successful British Kindle book author worldwide, followed by me and Ken Follett.

The company has released a list of the top-10 bestselling UK-born Kindle e-book authors, based on purchases from 1st January 2011 onwards in the US, UK, France, Spain and Italy.

Lee is great but truth be told he's way behind me in terms of UK sales. The bulk of his eBook sales have been in the US, where I don't sell that many.

Anyway, here's Amazon's top 10 of British authors.


Friday, February 10, 2012

The New Spider Shepherd Book - False Friends

I finished the first draft of the new Spider Shepherd book last week and Hodder have already come up with a cover. I think it's a cracker. There's still some work to be done but if all goes to plan it will be in the shops in July.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nightmare Is Published Tomorrow!

Nightmare, the third book in the Jack Nightingale series, is published tomorrow. Hodder have already commissioned two more, which is good news. Sadly it won't be sold in the supermarkets, which isn't such good news. So you'll have to buy it on Amazon or (gasp) in a book shop! Amazon will be publishing the three Nightingale books - Nightfall, Midnight and Nightmare - in the United States later this year.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nightfall - the US edition

Nightmare - the third book in the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective series will be published by Hodder and Stoughton in the UK next week - following on from Nightfall and Midnight.

It rounds off the trilogy but sets the scene for a continuing series based around Jack - solving crimes and battling the forces of darkness. I have great fun writing the Nightingale books and the research is a blast!

Meanwhile, Amazon is preparing to publish the first book - Nightfall - in the United States. They will be using their 47North imprint and will have the book out in March, followed soon afterwards by the other two. It's going to be exciting seeing them launched onto the American market!