Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nightshade - almost done!

I'm flat out on the new Jack Nightingale book at the moment - it has to be done by the end of October.  Should be okay as I'm in full flow!  It's got a much higher body count than the previous books, which always helps!

Hodder have come up with a cover idea but it's not quite right - mainly because Jack rarely uses a gun and is more at home in cities than fields.  I also think the guy with the gun has a beard, which is very un-Nightingale. And Jack isn't a fan of bomber jackets.  I should get another cover in the next week or so - hopefully with Jack's trademark raincoat and satanic symbols!

I am having great fun with Nightshade, there's a fair bit of real police stuff in it but some very nasty black magic, too. If all goes to plan it'll be in the stores next April.  As I'm writing Nightshade I'm also researching the new Spider Shepherd book - more on that later!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Drury Lane Theatre - A Warning

If you're thinking of buying tickets for shows at the Drury Lane Theatre, whatever you do don't buy them through this company -

They have a website at and it's a con - they are nothing to do with the theatre and charge you over the odds for any tickets.

They pretend to be the theatre box office (or at least they did with me) but they aren't. I reckon that's fraud.

If you do want tickets for the Drury Lane Theatre - they did Shrek The Musican and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - then the website to visit is

It's Andrew Lloyd-Webber's company and you should always buy your tickets direct from him.

Click HERE for tickets.