Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The New Inspector Zhang Short Story

I have just published the latest Inspector Zhang short story - Inspector Zhang and the Island of the Dead.

It's set on the island of Sentosa, which I've visited several times. It's full of fun places, including the Universal Studious.   It's another locked room mystery, where Inspector Zhang is called to a murder scene where a doctor has been stabbed in a locked room. I had great fun writing it, though I have been struggling with the flu for the past couple of days.  Even dosed up on Lemsip Max Cold and Flu tablets I was still able to work!

You can buy Inspector Zhang and the Island of the Dead for the Kindle in the UK - HERE

And you can buy it on the Kindle in the US - HERE

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spider Shepherd Short Stories

The four Spider Shepherd short stories that I published on Amazon and Smashwords are doing amazingly well - all four are in the Top 10 of the War category in the Kindle store in the UK.

If you want too read them, it's probably best to start with Natural Selection which explains how Shepherd got his nickname during the jungle phase of SAS selection.

You can buy it in the US Kindle store BY CLICKING HERE

And in the UK Kindle store BY CLICKING HERE

At present I'm working on the brand new full-length Spider Shepherd novel, the 11th, which will probably be called White Knight. Hopefully it'll be on the shelves in the summer of next year!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rough Diamonds - the new Spider Shepherd SAS short story

I have just put a new Spider Shepherd SAS short story on the Kindle and Smashwords. The story is Rough Diamonds, an action-packed tale drawn from Spider's SAS days in war-torn Sierra Leone.

I had great fun writing it - the SAS stories give me a chance to show where Spider came from and what made him the man he is. It also gives me a chance to introduce other characters who will reappear in later books.  There is a terrific MI6 operative - Jonathan Parker - in Rough Diamonds and he will be in the next Spider novel.

You can buy Rough Diamonds in the UK - HERE

And in the US - HERE

I'm going to take a short break from writing Spider Shepherd short stories as I have to start work on the new Spider Shepherd full length novel.  Though I am working on a Jack Nightingale short story as we speak!