Friday, June 21, 2013

Lastnight - the fifth Jack Nightingale book

This week I started writing the new Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller - the fifth in the series.  I have a plot that involves a lot of Goths being murdered. And I already have a killer ending for it.  A clue? How about this? At one point Proserpine says to Nightingale - "You'll need meat, Nightingale. Don't forget the meat".

As always my publisher Hodder and Stoughton is ahead of the game and has already done the cover.

If all goes to plan it'll be on the shelves next February.  It's a tremendous show of faith on the part of my publisher - I know some writers who turn in books not knowing whether their editor will accept them or not. Hodder have enough faith in me to design a cover and organise a print run without even seeing the first chapter.  That's a lot of pressure, too, but I find that having a cover designed and a publication date set does tend to make me work harder, though it does mean I have less time to devote to Twitter and literary festivals!  Okay, enough banter, I have a novel to write!   :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My New Short Story

My latest short story, The Ladyboy Lover, is set in Thailand, a country I am very familiar with.  I have written several short stories set in the Land of Smiles.  At one point I called the series 'erotic' but in fact there is very little in the way of sex in the tales.  Now I tend to call them 'Stephen Leather short stories'.

The Ladyboy Lover is about a guy who falls in love with a ladyboy - or katoey as they're called in Thailand.  All goes well until he decides that what he needs to make the perfect family is a baby.

Thriller writer Jeremy Duns was good enough to tweet about the story to his thousands of followers.

'I love Stephen Leather,' said Jeremy Duns. 'He rocks. Ladyboys are best.'

It seems that Jeremy Duns is a fan of my self-published short stories and refers to them as 'erotic masterpieces' in another tweet!

You can buy The Ladyboy Lover for the Kindle in the UK BY CLICKING HERE

And you can buy it in the US BY CLICKING HERE

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Terrific FREE Short Stories By Stephen Leather

Today my publisher Hodder and Stoughton are releasing three FREE short stories of mine. How cool is that?

The anthology is called Spider's Web and two of the stories feature undercover cop Dan "Spider" Shepherd. The third is a stand-alone short story about a retired serial killer. I had terrific fun writing them and I'm more than happy to share them with my readers for free.

Also included is the first chapter of the new Spider novel - True Colours - which will be published next month.  True Colours is the 10th Spider Shepherd book and I'll shortly be starting the 11th. I don't have a title yet, but I think it'll start with FULL.  FULL THROTTLE, maybe. We shall see!  :-)

Anyway, you can download a free copy of Spider's Web for the Kindle in the UK BY CLICKING HERE