Sunday, November 16, 2014

Terrific Amazon Discounts On The Spider Shepherd Collections

I've always been a big fan of selling eBooks cheaply. I was one of the first authors to offer novels for just 99p and as a result became one of the top-selling authors on the Kindle.

These days most authors - even those who used to complain about low prices somehow devaluing their work - can be seen selling their books cheaply.

A self-published writer can pretty much decide the price of their book, but from time to time Amazon steps in and offers discounts of their own. How or why they do it is a mystery, but it does mean that occassionaly there can be terrific bargains to be had.

That's the case now with two of my Hodder and Stoughton published books.

The first Spider Shepherd collection includes Soft Target, Cold Kill and Hot Blood. The second collection brings together Dead Men, Live Fire and Rough Justice.

The books were originally priced at £9.99, but over the last few days Amazon has slashed the price to just £4.35.  That means they are less than half price.  That means each full-length novel is being sold for less than £1.50. How cool is that?

You can buy the first Spider Shepherd Collection    BY CLICKING HERE

And you can buy the second Spider Shepherd Collection    BY CLICKING HERE