Monday, April 27, 2015

Spider Shepherd: SAS Books Now Available As Paperbacks

The Spider Shepherd: SAS books are now available as paperbacks. You can buy the first volume BY CLICKING HERE and the second volume is available  BY CLICKING HERE.

They cost £9.99 each, they're trade paperbacks, i.e. the hardback size but in soft covers.

I've published both of them through Createspace, part of Amazon. It wasn't exactly easy getting the books formatted and downloaded but having done it once I think it'll be easier next time. The profit margins are much lower on paperbacks than eBooks, obviously because it costs that much more to produce a physical copy of a book. I think I get to keep about £1,66 for each copy sold, whereas Amazon pay royalties of 70 per cent on eBooks. I doubt they'll sell in large numbers but I do have fans who want to own a physical book so I'm happy to give them the option!