Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rough Diamonds - the new Spider Shepherd SAS short story

I have just put a new Spider Shepherd SAS short story on the Kindle and Smashwords. The story is Rough Diamonds, an action-packed tale drawn from Spider's SAS days in war-torn Sierra Leone.

I had great fun writing it - the SAS stories give me a chance to show where Spider came from and what made him the man he is. It also gives me a chance to introduce other characters who will reappear in later books.  There is a terrific MI6 operative - Jonathan Parker - in Rough Diamonds and he will be in the next Spider novel.

You can buy Rough Diamonds in the UK - HERE

And in the US - HERE

I'm going to take a short break from writing Spider Shepherd short stories as I have to start work on the new Spider Shepherd full length novel.  Though I am working on a Jack Nightingale short story as we speak!


Unknown said...

Im reading the last spider book, he talks about being a sniper but in previous books he says that he doesnt like snipers and never mentions anything about being one. why is that?

Stephen Leather said...

Something very bad happened to Spider when he was a sniper that turned him against sniping. That's why he doesn't talk about it. What was it? It will be revealed at some point!

Unknown said...

Thanks i cant wait for the new book and the richard yokley book he is an interesting lad, i went through the spider shepard books in 3 months i just stumbled across them in google play end of last year. When the new spider book comes out i am definetly ordering a signed copy. Keep up the good work thanks for the reply