Monday, May 7, 2012

Nightfall Interview

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Just did an interview with ISIS Paranormal Radio, talking mainly about the first Jack Nightingale book, Nightfall. You can hear it here!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
Just listened to your radio interview with ISISXParanormal - great stuff. In effect you gave a crash course on thriller writing! Also useful info on the internet/social networks and writers. As a crime/thriller writer I've learnt a lot here. Read The Basement - now I'll read the rest of your books. Thanks a mill.
Blog tombrysonwriter.

bachfiend said...

I'm about halfway through the interview.

It's a pity the audio from Stephen Leather is so poor. It sounds like a bad Skype connection.

It's interesting that a 4th and perhaps 5th Jack Nightingale book are envisaged. There's certainly room for at least a 4th.

I was interested to hear that 'Nightfall' started off as a film script, which couldn't be sold. I thought while reading it that it would make a very good film, imagining how it would look on the screen.

Stephen Leather said...

Actually I'm surprised that there was any sound at all - I was talking on a mobile phone from Thailand! I think Skype would probably have been better!

Nick said...

You have probably already seen this, but I know you are a fan of the locked room mystery..


MissyG said...

I have been reading your books since my father in
Law lent me one 4 years ago and I have never been disappointed..... Currently at the end of The Chinaman after reading pretty much all your other books, and to see mike Cramer at the beginning of his career and know how far his character develops ( so haven't read in order!) the nightingale series gripped me from the start despite having a massive fear of the unknown I have never met a writer with such diverse talent that is so character led.... Am worried I am running out of books !

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks so much, MissyG!

Jr. Williams said...

whos the best author of all time?
Stephen Leather eBooks