Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Cover In Search Of A Book

I'm flat out on the new Jack Nightingale book and should have finished it in a day or two.

But as always my mind is at work on other projects.  I have several books that I want to write, but last week I found myself browsing on an eBook designer's website. You can see the website HERE

The company is called Damonza and I just love their work. They do great covers and videos and seem really professional.

They have a stack of pre-designed covers for just $195 and one of them really caught my eye.

I just loved it, and showed it to my Facebook friends. Within hours one of my FB friends came back with a title. Murder aGoGo.  Wow, that just blew me away so immediately I bought the cover.  Damonza are amazing to deal with and less than 48 hours later I was the proud owner of -

So I now have a cover, but no book.  But what a great incentive to get started. I already have the hero, I think. Tricky Ricky, who runs a Pattaya gogo bar. And there'll be a murder, of course. Probably several!  Watch this space!

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Sandy Nathan said...

The cover looks great. I've been looking at this company for covers, too. I recognized couple of the examples on their site are books of well known authors. Hope the book for the cover comes easily! What a hoot.