Monday, April 13, 2009

Story Ideas

Readers often ask where I get my ideas from. The answer is simple - for the Spider Shepherd series, all I have to do is to monitor the news. When I started the current book, I decided to write about police vigilantes, which admittedly is from my imagination (though based on a few chats I've had with cynical serving officers!).

But now the Real IRA is rearing its ugly head. See the following:

The Real IRA has said it will attack British forces "wherever and whenever" they decide.

The statement comes just a day after the group told Ireland's Sunday Tribune it would carry out attacks in mainland Britain.

It told the paper it would attack Britain "when it becomes more opportune".

The Real IRA Army council member said to the paper: "We're looking for high-profile targets, though we'll obviously take advantage when other targets present themselves."

At a rally in Londonderry the spokesman also admitted the group was responsible for the murder of former British spy Denis Donaldson.

He said: "Denis Donaldson was a traitor and the leadership of the Provisional movement, under guidance from the British Government, had made provisions for Donaldson to escape republican justice.

"No traitor will escape justice regardless of time, rank, or past actions. The republican movement has a long memory."

Donaldson was murdered at a remote cottage in Ireland three years ago. Until now, nobody knew who killed him or why they did it.

The spokesman also threatened Sinn Fein deputy first minister Martin McGuiness who has labelled the group "traitors".

The Real IRA spokesman said: "Let us remind our former comrade of the nature and actions of a traitor. Treachery is collaborating with the enemy, treachery is betraying your country. Let us give our one-time comrade an example."

Former IRA member Sean O Callaghan told Sky News: "It would be silly to exaggerate their support.

"At the same time what you have is a group of people who are very, very determined to kill soldiers, to kill policemen, to plant bombs and to disrupt North Ireland. But I suspect their support is within the hundreds not the thousands.

"The IRA and Sinn Fein can't, as in days gone by, go out to intimidate these people. They're caught and the dissidents are aware of this so they have become bolder.

"Until we have a united Ireland we have to accept that there will be people calling themselves Irish republicans who will kill soldiers to make it happen."

I love the fact that the REal IRA is now threatening Martin McGuinness. You couldn't make that up! Is that a book or what? IRA assassins on the trail of a former IRA member turned politican. Who does he turn to for help? Step forward Spider Shepherd!

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Anonymous said...

Its tragically almost hilarious when you think of it like that. Personally I hope the real IRA pull their necks in before they are taken care of internally. Surely they are doing this out of vanity. Ireland will eventually unite, christ that was obvious when they sent my sorry arse there.

On the other hand, as with the china man the thought of a terrorist fucking with another terrorist makes good fictional reading. Looking forward to it.

As for the real IRA, pride comes before a fall. You guys are screwed. Lets hope you don't kill too many first.