Sunday, April 26, 2009

Live Fire Review

Had a great review in the Bangkok Post this week, courtesy of Bernard Trink, who is a living legend in Thailand. (You can click on it to make it larger and readable!) He used to have column in the Post long before the Internet started and was for years pretty much the only source of information about what was going on in the bars. These days he reviews books and movies for the paper. The great thing about Bernard is that he reads the books from cover to cover, and always has something interesting to say. Obviously my books get reviewed a lot and sad to say in some cases it's clear that the 'reviewer' hasn't done much more than read the dustjacket copy!

I'm head down on the new Spider Shepherd book, though I still don't really have a title for it. Big Boys is the best I can do but everyone says that sounds too much like a gay porn movie. I've just passed 45,000 words. I had hoped to finish it be the end of May but now June is looking more likely. I'm aiming for 120,000 words, but past experience suggests that it will come in at 135,000.


Anonymous said...

"Big boys games, big boys rules"

Its an oldie I know, but it fits with your mans background.


Stephen Leather said...

Thanks, Cartouche. Yeah, that's where the 'Big Boys' title came from, but on its own it does look a bit pervy!

Problem is, the title has to be just two words! I'm still working on it!!

danny said...

I have read the last 4 Dan Sheperd books and they have been a brill read. I wanted to know a bit more about Chalie in LIVE FIRE because there was no mention of how Dan saved her life. Are we going to see Dan in a relationship?? There is obviously somthing in the writing, he also questions his motives alot?? Cant wait for the new book maybe we'll see some romance. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I believe an appropriate title for your book(taking into account Shepherd's history) would be "barrel of a gun".Like Shepherd's life when he keeps(metaphorically speaking and sometimes realistically speaking) looking down at the barrel of a gun during his adventures and escapades.
Drew Beck

Stephen Leather said...

Hi Danny... yeah, the problem with the Dan Shepherd books is that they are every year, and I do them in real by the time Live Fire came out a year had passed since Dead Men.... I'm well into the new book (to be published in January 2010) and I have to confess there's no sign of a romance yet!

Stephen Leather said...

Hi Drew...I like the title but I am pretty much tied to two-word titles for the Dan Shepherd series... Adjective plus Noun! Maybe I should run a competition!!