Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Lucky Day Again

It was my lucky day again today - somebody else wants to give me money!

#32-477 hatshire Ext 5Croyodon
United Kingdom

ATTN: Sir/ Madam,

I will like to start by introducing myself as Mr Hafeez Karim,Head of the Internal Audit Department of HSBC Bank UK.

I am soliciting a very confidential business proposal,which involves the transfer of the amount of £ 35.5 Million GBP into your personal bank account in your country for investment purposes.

These funds originally belongs a Client of Mine by name Mr Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Naseem,a citizen of Pakistan and a former Credit Suisse investment banker convicted in a multimillion-dollar insider trading plot.

Mr Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Naseem is currently being sentenced in a U.S Court and shall spend a minimum of 10 years in Jail.

Please view this webpage for refrence:

My client has asked me to help him transfer his funds which are currently in an account here in HSBC Bank UK,into a foreign account with obsolete secretcy.
Please note that this funds shall be used for investment purposes on behalf of My Client and the funds shall be transferred in your name.

After successful transfer of the funds into your bank account in your country,My Client's wife and family shall come over to your country to meet with you personally,for appropriate sharing and investment of the remaining funds into your bank account in your country.

Our offer is 30% for you and 60% for my clients family,and 10% for covering any expenses incured during the process of transferring the funds into your bank account in your country.

Please note that this 10% for repaying expenses,will only be accessible when the funds reflect in your bank account in your country.

If you are willing to assist in the success of this transaction,please send the following details:


Your banking details shall be requested from you as soon as contact is established between us.

I await your response.
Hafeez Karim

Sadly I am too busy to reply! I am behind with the new Spider Shepherd book - just about to hit 40,000 words so I am going to have to work faster and harder if I'm to deliver it by the end of May. The plot is working well - the Real IRA and Continuity IRA both got busy earlier this year so I have woven that into the story I'm doing which makes it all the more topical. There isn't much happening on the terrorism front in the UK (thank goodness!) so I don't thinbk I'll have an Islamic terrorism thread in this book. That could change though!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, today is my lucky day too!!!!
I received the same e mail!!
And now i'm trying to find some explanation for this, and found your blog!!
Sorry about the poor english, i'm brazilian and my english needs to be perfected!!!