Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thailand Scare Stories

This just in from Yahoo news....lifted, I think, from ITN...

Britons have been warned against travelling to Bangkok after violence broke out in the Thai capital.

The government has declared a state of emergency and ordered soldiers and armoured vehicles on to the streets.

But red-shirted anti-government protesters went unchecked, with angry mobs roaming parts of the capital and commandeering buses to barricade roads.

Protesters attacked a car thought to be carrying Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva as he fled the interior ministry after making the emergency decree.

The state of emergency came a day after demonstrators forced the cancellation of a 16-nation Asian summit, with leaders being evacuated by helicopter.

The Foreign Office urged anyone considering a trip to the capital or its surrounding areas to "urgently review their plans".

British ambassador to Thailand Quinton Quayle said: "As the situation is so volatile we are advising British travellers thinking of coming to Bangkok to urgently review their travel plans.

"British residents and visitors to Bangkok are advised to avoid any areas where demonstrations are taking place and to stay indoors as far as possible."

Demonstrators say the prime minister's four-month-old government took power illegitimately. They believe the military, judiciary and other unelected officials are undermining democracy by interfering in politics.

Where am I right now? Bangkok. Have I seen any trouble, tanks or troops? Nope. Am I following the Ambassador's advice and staying home? No I am not. Went out all day with my daughter and didn't have a glimpse of trouble. Had lunch at the Landmark Hotel, went to see a movie at Major Ekkermai (Monsters Versus Aliens in 3D - brilliant!) and went shopping. Then went out at night and got back at 2am and all was well. Thailand is always volatile, that's part of the charm of the place. Don't believe the scare stories!

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