Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Review On Amazon For Dreamer's Cat

Just had an absolutely fabulous review for Dreamer's Cat posted on Amazon!

One of the best reviews I've ever had, I think!

Reason for purchasing: This book was chosen for me by my youngest son. When I asked him why he purchased it, was it the cover, the story, how did he research the author I have never come across, he laughed and said he brought it for my recently purchased Kindle. Unbeknown to me, he used my Kindle to search the Kindle top ten and saw this was science fiction, and as we had just rescued a cat from the RSPCA he thought the title rather apt, and the price, well, at [...] you can't go wrong, can you? I laughed and tucked in without any preconceptions. I could not stop reading. What a joy it was to find a different kind of science fiction book, one that was not top heavy on the science but concentrated on the fiction. This book came at a time when I was losing faith with science fiction in general, having recently failed to complete first a new science fiction book then a new science fiction dvd.

Storyline: Through the eyes of the central character, Leif Ableman, a failed novelist who, to make the alimony payments, was advised by his agent to take the psi test. To his amazement, Leif had what it took, was the one in a million who could turn their dreams into a new form of entertainment: psi discs. These discs go beyond three dimensions and virtual reality to enable the populace to experience dreamers' dreams, to touch them, to taste them, to re-live them. Again and again. For a society this new form of entertainment soon becomes an addiction. However, rather than worrying about all the moral dilemmas, Leif is only interested in completing his contract with Cerebral Broadcasting Services Corporation, laying down his tenth psi-disc, and getting paid so he can escape the business he hates. Unfortunately, there is a snag, well, actually, there are two. Firstly, three dreamers and counting have died whilst laying down their psi-discs. Secondly, the more discs you lay down, the madder you become. To this, Leif has an answer, his bobcat companion Ruth - a figment of his imagination that keeps him in control. Only he can see Ruth and only he can hear Ruth. She tells him what is real and what is not. Ruth is Leif's lifeline; she keeps him sane whilst those around him are teetering on the edge of insanity. The second point is out of Leif's control as he is manoeuvred into plugging into the three discs the dreamers died creating and finding out if their is a problem with CBS equipment or if a killer is after the dreamers. This is where Dreamer's Cat is quintessentially different, for it has all the trappings of a thriller. I was not surprised, therefore, to discover Stephen Leather has been writing thrillers since 1992.

Style: Simple. Concise. Compelling. Very readable.

Prognosis: Great value for money. My son was right, you cannot go wrong for 72 pence. I hope he has purchased more of Stephen Leather's books for my Kindle for Christmas.

Kelvin M. Knight, 18th December 2010

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Unknown said...

I am glad you liked my review as much as I liked your book, Stephen.

Have you checked out my other reviews of your Kindle published novels and others?

Please, share with your blog readers.

Kelvin M. Knight 17/02/11