Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love It When I Get Emails Like This

I just received another email that's put a smile on my face!

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for replying to the previous email. It was after reading about the young chap on your blog who started reading with a vengeance after picking up one of your books whilst on holiday in Majorca .

Mine is a similar situation, I am now sixty eight years old and for years I did not read because I always seemed to have so many other things to do.

It was in October this year whilst on holiday in Ibiza , I was slowly coming to the end of a Michael Caine novel, when I saw that my wife had just finished a book entitled “Cold Kill”. Well I could not believe what had happened to me, I found I could not put it down. I could not wait to get back to the hotel in the afternoons to have my cup of coffee and a couple or more hours of a good and exciting reading. After reading Cold Kill, I checked out your first “Spider” book and have now gone through to your last Spider” book Fair Game.

I just love the way you have you have more than one situation going on within a couple of pages, and no end of chapter which seems to make for great excitement in a continuous manner.

Whilst waiting for the next “Spider” book I read the “Bomb Maker” which again was written in the same style making it very exciting .

I would just ask when Fair Game will be on sale, and thanks for helping me to fill in the time between my allotment, walking and watching my grandson play football, who is coming up to thirteen, the same age as Dan’s son Liam.

Thanks again Stephen you’ve given me a great lift and renewed interest. I shall be going for all your other books now

The very best regards

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