Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight Is Published Today!

The second book in the Jack Nightingale occult detective series is published today. I'm rushing to finish the third as we speak. I always have great fun with the Nightingale books, I can really let my imagination run riot!


Peter McKean said...

I've just finished Midnight and enjoyed it very much. A fast-paced blend of Dennis Wheatley and John Constantine. I devoured it in two days.

Looking forward greatly to the third. Glad you write so fast, Sir!

Here's how I imagine an excerpt from it will go:


Suddenly her eyes went dull. 'Your pet hamster is going to Hell, Jack Nightingale,' she said, in an oddly flat voice. 'Sorry?' said Jack, stunned. 'Do you want fries, with that?' the girl replied, smiling blankly as if nothing had happened.


Only joking! Until the third is published I can catch up with all your other thrillers.



Stephen, I am fascinated by the number of books you have pumped out over the years. I first started reading your novels when I lived in Hong Kong in the 80's and 90's Most of your early works were way ahead of your peers today as far as suspense and characters. I think Lee Child's probably learned from you and quite a few American authors have followed youe style. I write suspense thrillers and have published four so far through a Print-on-Demand. I couldn't break through the Agent wall to get anything published by an established publisher so I'm going it alone, and that's ok. I get a thrill out of just writing and fancy myself a beginner Stephen Leathers. Maybe some day.......

carolyn said...

Am looking forward to getting my copy of Midnight, don't know when it wil be available in NZ. I think it is great that you can write something as compelling as the Nightingale series which is so different from the excellent Spider series. Very versatile and creative. Good Work.

Leif said...

Just read Once Bitten so can't wait to get my hands on Midnight, if its half a good as Nightfall it will be brilliant. Going through crap time at the moment and reading your books seems to lift the gloom a little. What a character Terri Ferriman is! Love the way she starts off as the confident but slightly weird young girl and evolves into a deep, cerebral and incredibly sexy immortal woman. I'm almost convinced that the genetic defect that defies ageing could exist! Brilliant, keep them coming!