Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wow, This Email Made My Day!

I have just received the following email from a reader and it's had me smiling all day! I'm so pleased that my work has had such a positive effect on someone! And to pleased that he took the time to write to me!

I would just like to thank you for what you have done to me over the last 7 years. I left school in 1985 having never read a book before and had no interest in reading at all. What happened to me in 2003 was quite remarkable and changed my life for ever. It was all down to you. I was on holiday in Majorca and bloody bored. So bored watching the wife reading and really enjoying one of her girly books, that I decided it was time, time to get myself a book. So I went down to one of the local shops and tried to find something that would interest me. The book that court my eye was “The Stretch” Bloody hell I was blown away it was brilliant, loved every minute of it. So much so that I stayed in and baby sat while the wife and friends that we went on holiday with went out for a meal just so I could read. Since that day I have read almost all the books you have written and as far as I can see not one dud. The latest one that I have read was “Nightfall” and yet again brilliant. Different to what I was used to with you but an amazing read. There where parts in it that I felt I just can’t read just in case I actually did summon the Devil. Thanks Stephen you have changed my life and I will always be grateful for that. I will never be bored again and that is all down to you. I have sent you a friend request and would be so made up if you were to accept me but if you don’t I won’t take it to hart and will keep reading your books. Keep them coming and thanks.

Warm regards

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