Monday, December 13, 2010

Three of my books are in the KIndle Top 5

Three of my books are now in the top 5 of the UK Kindle Top 100.

Once Bitten is still Number 1, The Basement is at Number 3 and Hard Landing has just moved up to Number 5.

It would be so cool to have the top 3. Fingers crossed!


Michael Powell said...

Couldn't agree more! I've recently bought both The Basement and Hard Landing; finished the first and absolutely loved it Stephen! Not that far into Hard Landing yet but it's again fantastic!

You've got me pretty hooked on your titles so I'll be sure to buy a few more!

I also wrote a short blog post, hope you can check it out!

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks Michael!


Stephen, Top Three, top five, you' are definetly the writer of the hour. I have read all of your early books when I lived in Hong Kong and traveled the area. With out a doubt you have almost all of the U.S. writers beat by a mile.
Keep it up. I have my fingers crossed for you too, Lad