Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Stretch......

I'm just passed 123,000 words on the new Dan Shepherd book. Whew. I'm in Bangkok which isn't the best place to write because mosquitoes bite me at night and my daughter is too good a distraction in the evening. Writing or hanging out with Sam? No contest, I much prefer spending time with her.... On the plus side my cat Peanut Butter sits by my side while I'm writing throughout the night. She's a soi cat who we rescued when someone started putting poison out for her and is very affectionate...

I'd hoped to finish the book at 120,000 words but as always there are too many loose ends to tie up and it's going to be closer to 130,000 words. It feels good and even I'm excited by the ending!

I think the title will be Fair Game, though Fine Line is also a possibility.

Okay, gotta get back to the grindstone, I have nine Somali pirates and an Irish terrorist to kill and then save London from a major terrorist incident!

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