Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take Two Makes The Bookseller Top 10 List

Take Two is number 7 in the Bookseller magazine Top 10 eBook bestseller list this week, which is nice!

Take Two has been in the UK Kindle Top 10 for two weeks now, which is good going considering the number of 20p novels that are out there.

The 20p promotion is a weird one and no one seems sure just how long it will continue.  It's great news for the writers involved as they are seeing sales of about 2,000 copies a day. And they are getting full royalties, which means that some of them have earned close to £300,000 during the promotion!

One thing is for sure - if it hadn't been for the 20p books, Take Two would have got much higher in the charts.

But as I have had a lot of success selling cheap eBooks, I can't really complain when some one else sells their books cheaper!

Anyway, it's great news for readers. And that's what's important!

You can buy Take Two for the Kindle in the UK HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,

How's it going? :)

How come you have two blogs now?

Did you see the review I posted for FALSE FRIENDS? http://thebookgrrl.blogspot.com/2013/01/false-friends-is-suspenseful-and-funny.html

I'm glad to see you're doing so well. Really!

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks for the review, Debbi! I've had two blogs for a while now, this is my general blog but I also have one for eBook stuff!

Anonymous said...

Do you maintain that blog yourself or does someone else do it for you? Just curious, since it refers to making a million dollars and you're in England. :)

Stephen Leather said...

Ha ha! Yes, it's me. I mention a million dollars because most of my earnings now comes from Amazon! :-)