Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Jack Nightingale eBook Boxed Set

I'm a big fan of boxed sets, especially where eBooks are concerned, so I'm over the moon that Hodder and Stoughton are releasing the three Jack Nightingale novels in a single eBook download.

Nightfall, Midnight and Nightmare were always intended as a trilogy, though I have already written book number four - Nightshade - which will be published in April.

It's great to see them in a boxed set at just £9.49, well below the price of buying the three books separately.  YOU CAN BUY THE BOXED SET FOR THE KINDLE HERE


Unknown said...

How about, I'm a fan of his novels and I would like to know why there is no Spanish version of the first book of Dan Shepherd, which infiltrates the prison, I would love to read that book and I'm missing but not yet published in Mexico.
I hope I can answer, a pleasure to greet.

Stephen Leather said...

I will ask my publisher, Eduardo!