Saturday, February 2, 2013

Take Two Gets Into The UK KIndle TOP 10

My crime thriller Take Two just nudged into the UK Kindle Top 10 today.  I'm well pleased because it's much harder to break into the Top 10 than it used to be. A couple of years ago I had three books in the Top 3 in the UK Kindle list - a feat matehed only by Stieg Larsson.  Because of the way Amazon now calculates its rankings that is almost impossible to achieve these days.

Most of the books in the UK Kindle Top 10 are at the ridiculously low price of 20p and Amazon won't let me price match that so I don't expect to get into the Top 3 again. But I'm over the moon to have made the Top 10.

You can buy Take Two at Amazon in the UK HERE


Mosher said...


Why won't Amazon let you price-match though? Is it because you're a professional author, already had a top 3, or some other reason?

Stephen Leather said...

Dunno. They won't let me sell on other sites for less than I charge on Amazon, but they won't let me match my price to the 20p they are charging for other books.

Mosher said...

Bizarre. I'd suggest getting in touch, but if their seller support is anything like their after-sales support you'll be barking up a very tall tree. After having your vocal cords removed.

Your stuff's worth more than 20p anyway. Take it as a compliment :)

Stephen Leather said...

I will, thanks!

Unknown said...


I've never been to this blog before, so apologies if I say something that's been said before.

I've been reading the Dan Shepherd books, and, contrary to my usual practice of self-denial, I've just run through them one after the other. I think they're terrific.

I have a question. i think that Richard Yokely is one of the most interesting characters, and he hasn't been in the recent books. Have you dropped him? it would be a shame. I know he's difficult. Small-part characters like him don't always make it to larger parts. They're like mayonnaise, a little extra zing, but not a meal in themselves. However, I'd love to see more of him, and I think he'd be worth a run as at least 30% of a future book. What do you think?

Toby Forward

Stephen Leather said...

I've been working on a Yokely book for some time... the thing is, I'm not sure how it'll end so I've stopped using him in the Spider books! I agree, he's a fascinating character and I really must get his book finished! :-)

carolyn said...

I've downloaded Take Two on to my kindle and am pleased t see that I am now more famous than ever thanks to you xx Carolyn

Stephen Leather said...

So glad that you spotted it, Carolyn! :-)

Vippra9999 said...

Hi Stephen,
Love your books.

In your book 'Fair Game' page 147, you mention the word 'Halawa' for the 'underground system of transferring money'. This is incorrect, the correct word is "Hawala'.


Stephen Leather said...

Thanks Vijay!

Yes, we have spotted it and changed it.

Best wishes,