Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Justice At Last

I don't think anyone could read the following (from the Guardian) and not think that the guy deserved everything he got, and everything he will get in future. Responsible for the death of one toddler and raping another - and a Judge sends him away for five years (out in less than three). I really am starting to believe that Vigilintiasm is the way to go now that our criminal justice system has lost its way. The new Dan Shepherd book out in July is about vigilante cops and I'm considering starting a new series with a vigilante as the hero.... Death Wish, anyone?

Incidentally, the Guardian reporter relied heavily on The Sun and didn't check all the facts - my understanding is that there was no sugar in the water, more's the pity!

One of three people jailed over the death of Baby Peter has been scalded in an attack in prison.

Steven Barker, the boyfriend of the abused infant's mother, was reported to have suffering scalding to his face and arm after another prisoner threw a mixture of sugar and boiling water over him.

Barker, who is serving a life sentence at high security Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, could be scarred for life, the Sun reported.

Boiling water and sugar is known in prison circles as "napalm". The improvised weapon sticks to the skin and intensifies burns, one of the principal effects of jelly-like napalm bombs.

Islamic terrorist Dhiren Barot, who plotted to detonate a series of dirty bombs in the UK, was moved from Frankland prison, Durham, when he was badly burned by another prisoner in a boiling water attack in 2007.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman confirmed a prisoner was treated for wounds sustained in Wakefield Prison.

A source told the Sun newspaper today: "To say Barker is disliked is an understatement – he is reviled. The other inmates all hate him with a passion.

"When Barker came here everyone knew what he had done to Baby P. Your card is marked if you have a crime against your name concerning kids.

"After the attack everyone was in good spirits, knowing someone had hurt Barker. The guy who did it will be getting applauded everywhere he goes now."

A Prison Service spokesman said: "A prisoner at HMP Wakefield was assaulted by another. Staff intervened quickly and the prisoner received treatment. Police have been informed."

Barker was jailed at the Old Bailey in May last year for contributing to the 50 injuries Peter suffered in his short life.

The boy had been horrifically abused in the house his mother Tracey Connelly shared with Barker in Tottenham, north London.

Connelly is serving a minimum of five years for causing or allowing Peter's death. Barker's brother Jason Owen, who was a lodger in the council house, was also jailed.

Last month Barker lost his appeal against a further conviction for raping a girl of two.

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