Saturday, February 20, 2010

Review In The Daily Mail

NIghtfall got a decent review in The Daily Mail....

Stephen Leather needs no introduction to his fans, but this, his 25th novel, introduces a new character: Metropolitan Police negotiator Inspector Jack Nightingale, who fails to prevent the suicide of a nine-year-old girl whose father has been abusing her.

Shortly afterwards, the father falls from the 20th floor of his skyscraper office in Canary Wharf after Nightingale bursts in. Did he jump, or was he pushed? Nightingale isn't saying, but his police career is over.

Fast forward two years and we find the former inspector working as a private investigator, when he discovers he was adopted as a baby and has been left a mansion in the country.

When Nightingale visits it, he finds a DVD that predicts a demon from hell will claim his soul on his 33rd birthday - in three weeks' time.

Suffused with mysterious pentagrams, not to mention a creeping sense of evil, I suspect that down-to-earth Nightingale is a man we'll hear more of.


Mike Waterton said...


I am a big fan of your books and I adore all the Dan Shepherd stories

However, I just wanted to say that I finished Nightfall yesterday - it is an amazing read - dark, pacy, humorous and extremely believable - I could not put it down!!

Thank you!


Stephen Leather said...

Cheers, Mike!