Saturday, February 6, 2010

Everyone Makes Mistakes!

Just had a great review in The Northern Echo - but see if you can spot the typo....

JACK Nightingale’s career as a special police negotiator ends in a double tragedy.

Nightingale resigns, becomes a private investigator and his life is going nowhere until his father kills himself in particularly bloody circumstances, leaving poor Jack with a vast potential inheritance but the prospect of a very short future.

His father’s death plunges him into the arcane and dangerous world of Satanism and the words of his recurring nightmare, "You’re going to heel, Jack Nightingale", take on a sinister significance. Evil begins to ooze onto every page as Leather stokes the hellish fires to red hot.

'Going to heel'..... good grief! Still, I was a journalist for more than ten years and I know how easy it is for typos to creep in. Plus my books are riddled with typos these days, and have been since Hodder outsourced the typesetting to India!

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