Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Spider Shepherd Cover

Hodder have just sent me the proposed cover for the new Dan Shepherd book, which will probably be called Rough Justice, though Jack Higgins did use the title recently. I like Rough Justice and hope that gets used, though I do have Dark Justice as a fallback position. The book should be on the shelves in July next year.

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kate said...

Stephen, love the cover!!! My husband and I are avid Spider readers, we have recently had a eureka moment regarding Spider on the screen, big or small. We were watching Guy Ritchies Rock n Rolla, and after months of debate on who could play Spider, there he was in front of us! Tom Wilkinson. We think he is perfect, and it has been a long arduous journey for us, we hope you will discuss this subject on your blog, keep up the great writing! kate Jarvis