Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Easy Money!


TEL; +27746615264

Email: mrbrownshabangu@live.com

Dear Sir,

May I have the pleasure of introducing myself? I am Mr. Brown Shabangu a senior staff and chairman of Tender Board Committee on the award of contracts in Department of Works and Housing here in South Africa . I got your email from an international directory on lawyers and advisers on international business in my quest to find a trustworthy person on whom I can repose confidence for colossal international money transaction. My aim of sending this "business proposal" to you is to solicit for your assistance and co-operation to transfer some huge amount of money into your account overseas. Therefore, this communication should be held in high confidence.

My colleague and I in the Department of Works and Land Affairs wish to transfer into a safe and secured account overseas, the sum of US$32,500,000.00 (Thirty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which is over-invoiced amount from contracts we awarded to foreign contractors who have been duly paid on completion of their various contracts. This money right now is in a coded account in the Reserve Bank of South Africa . However, by virtue of our position as civil servants, we cannot acquire these funds in our names or in the names of companies here in South Africa . I was therefore asked by my colleagues on trust and sincerity to look for a reliable international outfit partner abroad into whose account the sum of US$32.5 Million will be transferred. We have agreed on the following sharing ratio if you accept our proposal. Seventy percent (70%) for us and Thirty percent (30%) for you the Account owner.

My choice of you for this transaction is basically hanged on your field and profession, hence this business proposal. If you are interested in this deal, I will require some information from you in order to affect the transfer of the money. Please, be informed that we shall commence processing of claims of payment once we receive your interest from you, and the funds will get into your account within Five (5) working days by Telegraphic Transfer (T.T). Note that this transaction is 100% risk free. I will appreciate, If you will send your response via email as indicated above.

Best Regards

Mr. Brown Shabangu


M J Clemitson said...

I apologise if this comment has nothing whatever to do with the original post. I felt the need to write to Mr Leather and could find no better way of communicating.

I was recently given two of Mr Leather's books. Although I disliked the style, I persevered with one because there was a possibility of a good denoument based on the story line. Unfortunately not. It seemed as though the author lost interest near the end and left us with a messy conclusion. The second book looks like the same sort of trash, so I've consigned both to the shredder. I'd not like to be responsible for anyone else picking up such rubbish.

Stephen Leather said...

I suppose you could always look on the bright side - you didn't actually pay for the books. I do feel a bit sorry for whoever gave you the books, though. I'd suggest that rather than shred the books which would be very time-consuming you give them to a charity shop so that at least someone would profit from your misery.