Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Two New Self-published Paperbacks

I was quite late coming to self-publishing paperbacks. I had done really well self-publishing eBooks - becoming one of Amazon's all-time Top 10 UK self-publishers - but I hesitated to try publishing paperbacks. The profit margins looked low and there's a lot to do in the way of formatting and covers.

Eventually I published the Spider Shepherd short story collections on Createspace - who sell through Amazon - and they did surprisingly well. I followed up with my two self-published Jack Nightingale books - San Francisco Night and New York Night.

All sold well and it's clear that there are readers out there who still prefer paperbacks, even when they are considerably more expensive than the corresponding eBook. The problem with publishing paperbacks is that Createspace are quite expensive, and then the retailer - usually Amazon - also take their cut. So although a book might sell at £8.99 or £9.99 for the paperback (admittedly a trade paperback, which is larger than the regular mass market paperback) the writer is lucky to get much more than £2 or so. Bearing in mind the cover and the formatting costs several hundred pounds, it can take a while until you recover your costs. But it's definitely worth doing, if for no other reason than it gives readers a choice.

Here's the Amazon link for The Bestseller paperback -  CLICK HERE

Here's the Amazon link for the Take Two paperback -  CLICK HERE

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