Friday, December 26, 2014

A Jack Nightingale Christmas

All's well on the Jack Nightingale front. The two recently-published Jack Nightingale short stories - My Name Is Lydia and Tracks  are the two best-selling Horror short stories on the Kindle.

And the new Jack Nightingale full-length novel - San Francisco Night - is the best selling Occult book on the Kindle.

You can buy San Francisco Night for the Kindle by CLICKING HERE

I'm now working flat out on the new Spider Shepherd book - Black Ops. I've written 103,000 words so far and am on the home stretch. It should be in the shops by the summer.

And then?  I have a great idea for a new stand alone thriller. Actually I have ideas - titles and plots - for two, it's just a question of which I write first!

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