Thursday, March 13, 2014

The 9th Spider Shepherd Short Story

I've just self-published the 9th Spider Shepherd short story - Personal Protection - in which Spider, still in the SAS, is tasked with protecting a Middle Eastern ruler whose life is under threat.

You can buy Personal Protection on the Kindle  BY CLICKING HERE

There are now nine Spider Shepherd short stories, more than 120,000 words in total, so I'm going to look into the possibility of having them published as a paperback.

Watch this space!


Unknown said...

Do your dan spider short stories need to be read as well as the novels or do they follow a seperate storyline?

Stephen Leather said...

Separate but some characters appear in later books! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Stephen,
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us all!
I'm a bit of a late starter to your work but I'm totally addicted and just can't get enough of you! ;)
I am reading Lastnight at the moment and it is brilliant. So much so that I don't want it to end, I'm literally having to ration myself to two chapters at any one time to eke it out for longer! Now that I have 2 weeks off for the Easter hols I shall endeavour to overdose on your books! I absolutely adore Jack Nightingale, he is definitely a character I would love to meet. I often fantasise about having Jenny's job though I doubt I'd be half as efficient. Is there any possibility that the Nightingale series will be taken up by TV?
Anyway I imagine you are thinking about locking yourself away soon as it's that time of the year. Next time I'm in Dublin on a literary tour I'll have a word with the guide and point him somewhere in the right direction of your flat!
Can't wait for the next Nightingale novel, assuming he makes it alive to the end of Lastnight!
You are a fantastic author with an incredible talent, keep up the bloody good work!
Kind regards,
Jaz x

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks, Jaz! Kind words indeed! :-)

Camber said...

Hello Stephen,
I'm a massive fan of your Spider Shepherd books and can't wait for White Lies. I'm trying to buy and read your Spider Shepherd shorts now too. What order do they go in? I can't find a definitive list.
Keep up the good work!

Stephen Leather said...

Cheers, Harry. The order is:

Natural Selection
Narrow Escape
Warning Order
Hostile Territory
Rough Diamonds
Personal Protection
Friendly Fire
Dead Drop
Kill Zone

I am planning two or three more!