Sunday, February 6, 2011

Money From Zimbabwe!

This just in!

From the Desk of J. Howard
Re: Letter of Mutual Business Cooperation.

With all due respect, I write this personal letter to you proposing a mutual business relationship. My name is James Howard, a British born geologist and a mining consultant currently operating in Zimbabwe.

Under a confidential arrangement, I facilitated, negotiated and successfully sold a landed property with enormous mineral deposits in Matebaland section of Zimbabwe to Southern Minerals, a Chinese mineral exploration and mining company also based in Zimbabwe for the sum of ($25-Million-U.S-dollars). This property belongs to the family of Mr. Peter Landos whose details you shall get to know.

Mr. Peter Landos is in a serious critical medical situation and wishes to relocate the funds and possibly his family to your country for investment purposes and resettlement. I am writing this email primarily to establish a business relationship between you and Mr. Peter Landos in order to have you perform the role of a facilitator to the transfer the sum of ($25-Million-U.S-dollars). to a secure and reliable bank account belonging to you or your company in your country where it will be made available for investment purposes and additionally to source and identify lucrative investment portfolios where the funds shall be invested on

Currently Mr. Peter Landos is undergoing surgery and receiving medical treatments in an intensive care unit in Johannesburg. (Details to be provided subsequently) He desires that for all of these services, you shall be compensated with 20% of the total funds. Please contact him directly and request comprehensive details of this offer and his personal profile. His email address is and his phone number +27 743261766 . Ensure that you contact him urgently and provide him valuable information about you and how to reestablish contact with you in pursuant of this business concern.

Do ensure that this matter is kept highly confidential.

Please do not contact me rather contact him strictly on and his phone number is +27 743261766 since he is the one who direct needs your services.

James Howard

This email and any attachments may be confidential or legally privileged. If you received this message in error or are not the intended recipient, kindly destroy the email message and any attachments or copies. We would be most grateful if you could inform us of the erroneous delivery by return. Thank you!


Stephen West said...

Interesting: the phone number has a South African country code, but is for a mobile phone (presumably anonymous prepaid) while the email address has a Russian country code. Wonder where the scammer actually is? Unlikely to be Zim in any event!

Anonymous said...

These guys are a little smarter than most. My copies are coming directly to my email address and my address only. That shows a bit more forethought.

Next they'll link names addresses etc. and be even more convincing.

I'm sure there's some custom scams going for "high return" targets!