Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Books In The Kindle Top 100!

Three weeks ago I put three of my unpublished books on Kindle - The Basement, Once Bitten and Dreamer's Cat. Today there are all in the Kindle UK Top 100, which I think is pretty good going considering there are more than 650,000 books on Kindle!

What's fascinating is that they are selling much, much better in the UK than in the US Kindle store.

So far I have sold 850 copies in the UK and only 90 in the US!

And the feedback I'm getting on American Kindle forums is that American readers are wary of cheap books! They assume that if it's cheap it isn't good.

But in the UK, Kindle readers love to search out bargains.

So maybe the best strategy is to sell the books cheap on Kindle in the UK and at a higher price in the US. How weird is that?

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