Monday, November 1, 2010

Bargain Basement Kindle Prices

If anyone wants to download my three EBooks from Amazon for their Kindle, now's the time! I've cut the price of all three to 99 cents.

They are The Basement, Dreamer's Cat and Once Bitten.

I wanted to give them away free but Amazon won't allow writers to do that, they say we have to charge a minimum of 99 cents.

They allow publishers to give away books for free but not writers, which doesn't seem fair!

I made the changes just now, it might take a day or two to work through the system....


Unknown said...

Thanks Stephen, can't wait to download them :)

kyndredspyryt said...

Lol This is a great idea, but I was just very pleased they were available for free as PDFs on your website, as I can read PDFs on my mobile phone!
Any chance of some of your other titles being available as PDFs? (I'd still pay full price of course), but it'd be loads cheaper than paying for a kindle, and my phone never leaves my side!



Anonymous said...

And picked up on the Kindlw forum too so hopefully will get you more exposure :)

It seems Amazon is easier for authors to publish to whereas iBooks deals only with publishers. Is that right?

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Hi Sooz, the only PDFs on line are Once Bitten, Dreamer's Cat and The Basement. Plus there's a link to the Private Dancer PFD.

If you email me at I'll send you a PDF of Bangkok Bob if you promise to review it on Amazon :-)

That goes for anyone else out there!

kyndredspyryt said...


Email on the way! You're a legend Stephen! ;)

Thanks! Sooz.