Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great Reviews On Amazon!

Just had some great reviews go up on Amazon, which has cheered me up. I'm 37,000 words into the new Spider Shepherd book and feeling the pressure! I join my cargo boat in Malaysia on Saturday and hope to be writing at full speed while I'm at sea!

I'm also writing a travel piece for the Daily Mail about people who holiday on cargo ships!

Stephen Leather - Rough Justice, 18 Aug 2010
By Mr. Gordon Mclaren - See all my reviews

This review is from: Rough Justice (Dan Shepherd Mystery) (Paperback)
Delivered on launch day and wasn't disappointed. Have read all Stephen Leather's books and this like the others gets your attention from the first page and keeps you highly engaged to the very last. One of the best thriller writers in the business, though feel his earlier works such as The Chinaman and The Double Tap were his finest to date.

Excellent Contemporary Novel, 17 Aug 2010
By merlin57 - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rough Justice (Dan Shepherd Mystery) (Paperback)
I have read everything Stephen Leather has written. I very much enjoyed his earlier novels which were mostly set in the Far East and obviously benefited from his knowledge of the countries in question.
The Dan Shepherd series has occasionally struck me as being rather generic, though generally superior to other authors working in this area. What sets them apart for me is the character of Shepherd, who is far more developed than is normal in this type of book. His family situation continually causes him to question whether he is making the right decisions, and he frequently finds himself in a quandary as to who exactly the "Bad Guys" are. This is particularly evident here, where Shepherd's sympathies (and, one senses, Leather's)are often with the people he is trying to hunt down.
This is a powerful and well-crafted book, for me the best of the series,which gives quite a chilling portrayal of contemporary Britain and the ease with which the country has surrendered to those whose values would threaten it. As one who left the UK in 2004, Leather's books provide me with an often frightening update on what has happened since.

My copy of the book includes the first 2 chapters of "Nightfall" which marks another departure for the author and the introduction of an impressive new character opeating in a different world entirely.....I suggest you buy that one too!

rough justice, 16 Aug 2010
By namnori116 - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rough Justice (Dan Shepherd Mystery) (Paperback)
Great read, typical Leather, just when you wonder where he can take Spider, he produces another blinder. A must for for all Leather/Spider fans.


Unknown said...

Love the Spider Shepherd books in fact I've enjoyed them all. Is there more Spider books on the way after Rough Justice? Enjoyed Nightfall too!

carolyncastle said...

Rough Justice was a great read. All the sub plots were interwoven very well. It was a book which you really needed to read in big chunks (ie not want to put down). Gannon's demise was a real show stopper. The only minor criticism I have is the name of the female TSG member was too fanciful, I mean who has a name like that outside of a book. Thanks for my Andy Warhol moment of fame. Carolyn Castle