Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vigilantes - A Judge Speaks!

The Judge who protected the killers of little Jamie Bulger (horrifically murdered when he was just two years old) has said that they themselves could be murdered if their new identities were revealed. Finally a Judge who understands!

But here's what I don't get. If you went along to the police and said you thought you might be burgled, do you think they would put a cop outside your house? Of course not. If you were scared of walking home at night because you were scared of being mugged, would they have a cop walk home with you? Of course not.

So why is the British Government spending millions of pounds protecting these two killers? Yes, if they were out on their own they might or might not be killed. And if they were killed then the killers should be prosecuted. Who knows, maybe they would be given a few cushy years in an open prison with Playstations and trips to see Manchester United before being given new identities! But that is how the system should work - when someone does wrong they are punished. It's not the job of the police to predict who the victims are going to be!

I really don't understand why the criminal justice system is bending over backwards to help Jamie's killers but doing so little to help his family.

This from The Guardian -

The judge who granted anonymity to the killers of the murdered two-year-old, James Bulger, warned last night that Jon Venables could be murdered if his new identity is revealed.

Baroness Butler-Sloss defended the need for secrecy, echoing the position of justice secretary, Jack Straw, who was supported by MPs from all parties for his refusal to bow to tabloid media demands for the immediate disclosure of the reasons for Venables's recall to prison.

The crossbench peer and former president of the high court's family division, who granted Venables anonymity on his release from prison, stressed "the enormous importance of protecting his anonymity now, and if he is [again] released, because those who wanted to kill him in 2001 are likely to be out there now".

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