Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Jack Nightingale Cover

Hodder have come up with a new idea for a cover for the mass market paperback of Nightfall, and I think it looks great! And I might be in for a name change and use Steve Leather for the Nightingale books. That's just an idea at the moment but I think it might help differentiate the NIghtingale books from the Dan Shepherd series. We'll have to decide soon because the Nightfall paperback is due in the shops next month!


Anonymous said...

Nah, people won't get confused thinking it's a new Spider book. And if they do then it's not your fault, all they have to do is read the blurb.

Lots of authors write in different genres. It's the writing people like not the name :)

John Potter said...

Great cover although for me the mystery element through the book was whether there was any truth to the sold soul claims or whether it was going to be some explained plot to drive Nightingale mad. So the fire in the background might give a key plot point away, possibly. The name change would confuse the hell out of me, all or nothing. Steve Reaper, Steve Reacher. It is all a very interesting insight.

The copy of Nightfall I got was from Amazon and was a large form paperback anyway, the sort you typically get at airports.

This cover will certainly shift books off shelves.

Stephen Leather said...

I like Steve Reaper!