Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thai Sparrows

I bought a birdfeeder from England and put it outside my apartment for the local birds to try. At first they couldn't work out what it was and for weeks they just looked at it but wouldn't go near it. Then one brave sparrow tried it and ate a couple of seeds. He (or she) then began introducing his (or her!) friends to it. Gradually more and more of them got to use the feeder, and now they squabble all day over it. I've stopped putting seed in it and use uncooked rice instead - thai birds love to eat rice!


Anonymous said...

Very nice photo Stephen. Might be nice to get the odd parrot feeding there. I note your merchandise deal over Private Dancer. Is this your idea or the publisher and has the stout William Barnes tried your boxer shorts. I think he would look good in them.

Jack Stonecipher said...

Now, this is the kind of thing I really like to read about. What's this about Private Dance boxer shorts. I would pay big money to have a pair, especially if they are Thai silk.