Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kittens In My Study

Almost done with Dark Justice... hopefully I'll finish next week. But my daughter's kittens, Firefur and Mousefur, are a big distraction!


David McMillan said...

Well done,Steve.
Justice must be seen to be done, even in the dark, and being seen takes a bit longer!
By the way, for those in dire need of distraction, David McMillan is this week's guest (or victim) in Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men on Bravo TV, Monday 6th July at 10:00pm. David deadly? Well, depends on a weakness for Mexican food.
Now, I must get to grips with that weird video of yours...

Anonymous said...

hey thats great news on dark justice Stephen. Unfortunately, I still have not got my hands on a copy of live fire yet down in Tassie. But I'm on to it.
I liked the idea of our former Belfast commanders under threat from the splinter groups. Maybe a tie in with references to Ngu and joker to be tackled by Spider in the future, "Ghosts past" springs to mind.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing "Dark Justice".Question: The last years you have only published Dan Shepherd books.Do you plan on writing books like"tunnel rats","The Vets","Hungry Ghost" etc?Surely they were very well written,thoroughly entertaining, and a more than welcome change.

Stephen Leather said...

Yeah, I am pretty mich tied to Dan Shepherd - the last contract specified that he had to be the hero. Though I have just signed a contract for three Jack Nightingale books, occult crime thrillers. I do want to do more stand-alone thrillers like The Tunnel Rats and The Vets but it's a question of finding the time! At least with Dan Shepherd I have most of the characters in place when I start the book so I hit the ground running. With stand-alone thrillers I have to start everything from scratch!