Monday, June 29, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name

Hodder love Nightingale the book but not the title! My agent is now trying to come up with better titles, which is no easy task!

Here are a few suggestions:

The Price of a Soul

The Price of Your Soul

The power of the devil

A date with the devil (one novel four years ago)

Deal with the Devil – (three novels in the last five years)

The Mark of the Devil

You’re Going to Hell

Descent to Hell

The negotiator

Negotiations with hell

Negotiate with the devil

The Fall to Hell

The Fall

The Falling Man – (Falling Man is a novel by Don DeLilo, 2007/2008)

You Can Fall Forever

Supping with the Devil – (Supping with the Devils is non-fiction political journalism by Hugo Young, 2003)

The Devil You Know – (At least five novels in the last five years)

The Fires of Hell

The Smoke From Hell

The View From Hell

The Map of Hell

A Date with Hell

Blood From Hell

The Cost of a Human Soul

The Map of the Human Soul

Map of the Soul

The Blood and the Fires

Blood and Fires

There is no Redemption

No Judgement but the Last

Nightingale and the Devil

Nightingale and the Fires of Hell

I think of all of them I like Nightingale And The Devil best, but we'll see what Hodder think!

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Unknown said...

Hi Steve not sure about all those titles, what about Soul Devil !!. Think it has a nice ring. I can just see the T shirts when it goes to film.!!!