Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flat Out!

Haven't posted for a while because I'm flat out on Dark Justice. I hope to finish in the next ten days. My friend Anthony Horowitz won our race - he has already finished his new book but then his did come in at 85,000 words! I'm just about to hit 110,000words.

I got some good news this week in that Hodder and Stoughton want to publish Nightingale (though they don't like the title!) They want it and two more books so for the next two years I'll be doing two books a year, which will be interesting! With any luck I'll be taking a few hours off tomorrow to go and see a screening of Anthony's new TV series, Collision. Okay, got to go, my laptop awaits!

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Unknown said...

Hi Steve glad to see you nearly finished another book, Live Fire was another cracker, although Spider needs to ride Katra soon its just not healthy. Looking forward to Nightingale but I have to agree not fond off the title it sounds a bit like a character from a Steve Coogan show !!!!