Monday, February 2, 2009


I was supposed to be flying to Dublin today to continue promoting Live Fire, but heavy snow has closed Heathrow Airport so I won't be going anywhere! Here's the view from my London apartment! I've rescheduled to go next week.... At least it gives me time to get stuck into the new book!


Anonymous said...

I miss the snow, but thats a whole different story. I have all of your books. First read the China man, worked forwards and then backwards, took me a while to get a copy of Pay off.
I got addicted to the anti terrorist, terrorist of Ngu in the China Man, this was a brilliant story. The vets and that cunning Hong Kong Porche RUF driver wanting a run on the banks still gives me a laugh in todays economic climate.
I have enjoyed the players of; Howles, Ngu, Button, Joker, Simon, Our beloved transport detective, carmody, Ngu, etc. I like Shepheard, but old tassle shoes Yokely is way more interesting, and this guy could have depth. You know somewhere he has Dan's sole, waiting for you to cash it in Stephen.
Looking forward to Live fire's release date here.
Oh' I live in Tasmania these days, if you ever wondered where the witness protection programme was, its here. No one would find you, hell no one would bother, its an afterthought. Seriously lots of dodgy Ulster accents ha ha .
Any how, I like the Spider books, and I understand the publishers needs, but I agree that you where at your finest in the solo novels. The plots where excellent, shame a few players where bumped off.
Me I would like to see Yokely take Spiders soul. Love to see more in the far east and a few good old boys interviewed in their new home of Tasmania.

Always reading.

Anonymous said...

We lived in BKK for 18 months a few years ago and I discovered you first with "Private Dancer", which we absolutely loved and recommended to all of our friends who visited (especially the single male ones).

I've got to be honest and say that I don't usually read your style of books, but my husband loves them and because of "Private Dancer" I gave them a shot - and now I'm addicted.

Now we're living in Konstanz in southern Germany and there aren't many English books available, but we'll get the next one when passing through LHR.

Thanks for some great reading, from an Aussie chick and a Glasgow bloke in a cold German town

Anonymous said...

Just finished Dead Men and feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed the ride, superb, intense, gripping, a long time since I was unable to put a book down and needed to read until the late hour. I took a flyer on a new writers (to me anyway) and boy, did it pay off. Thanks

What is it about Dublin ? you and Batemen, awesome..

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen, just wondering when you will be back in Dublin promoting your new book? Will you be doing any signings? Hope so.

James, Wicklow