Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Business Card

I was having dinner with a couple of ITV staffers this week and I gave them my business card. I had the cards made up in Pattaya and I guess with hindsight they are a little cheesy. I thought I'd post it here for your amusement. The back has my address, phone numbers and website details. I'm going to revamp the Nightingale story.... make it more menacing and put my hero under more pressure. It won't be an easy rewrite but I think it needs to be done. Rejigging a book that you've already written is a bit like playing with a jigsaw, and at times it can make your head spin! But it'll be worth the effort. The new Spider Shepherd is bowling along....just hit 7,000 words and it feels really good.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the re-write. Must be difficult to adapt a work to suit another purpose.

The business card, you and Mr Bean separated at birth??? LOL.