Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Simon Mayo Show

I was on the Simon Mayo show this afternoon, talking about the new book, Live Fire.

His Radio 5 books show is brilliant, with three guest reviewers and two authors. I was on with Nick Brownlee who has written a book called Bait, a great crime story set in Kenya. Nick is a journalist who lives in Cumbria, and it's his first novel. I really enjoyed it, especially the bit where a South African strings up a crocodile and kills it with his bare hands!

Everyone seemed to like Live Fire, which is good news. It was my third time on the Mayo show and I always enjoy it.

Today is the publication date of Live Fire, and Hodder and Stoughton sent me a bottle of champagne, which was good of them!

You should be able to get the podcast at the BBC Radio 5 website:

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Rosemary Holroyd said...

I own and have read about a dozen of your books - but "The Bombmaker" is the first one I don't buy. If I had some something as heinous in my past as Andrea, when something happened to a loved one my first gut reaction would be to know that was what the kidnapping was about. I do not believe she could not have known.