Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me and a Dalek in Glasgow

I was signing books in Edinburgh and Glasgow today, and got to meet a Dalek. My daughter will be amazed! The signings went really well, though I am exhausted from all the travelling, including an 8.45pm flight from Manchester to Edinburgh. Tomorrow I'll be in Durham and Newcastle. I stayed in the Malmaison Hotel in Glasgow, which is a great hotel, one of my favourites. I keep seeing the Twilight series everywhere and am now seriously thinking about writing a series about a vampire detective, though I guess that the Buffy The Vampire spin-off Angel has already been there. We'll see.....

Oh yes, I saw the Tardis, too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,

Love the books, espcially The Tunnel Rats, The Chinaman, The Vets and The Double Tap.I like the Dan Shepard novels but think that it might be time for a change now?

Not sure what others readers think about this?


Stephen Leather said...

Thanks, Nick...it's a good question...I'll post my thoughts on Sunday's page! Best wishes.