Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Amazon Cuts The Price Of My Self-Published Paperbacks

The wonderful folks at Amazon have decided to slash the prices of most of my self-published paperbacks for UK readers for the month of May.

It's a terrific promotion for those readers who want to hold a real paperback in their hands.

I have self-published the books through Createspace, which is an awesome print-on-demand system which most self-publishers use.

Authors don't make as much money from the POD paperbacks as they do from eBooks but it's worth doing as so many readers do prefer paperbacks to eBooks.

Amazon have chosen six of my paperbacks as part of a May promotion.

New York Night - the latest Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller - is just £5.99 for the month of May - You can buy it - HERE

San Francisco Night - where Jack Nightingale fights demons in San Francisco - is also just £5.99 - You can buy it HERE

The Spider Shepherd SAS short story collections are included in the promotion with Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 1 now £5.39 now, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 2 is also £5.39, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Take Two - my murder mystery set in the world of soap operas -  is also down from £8.99 to £5.39 - You can buy it HERE

My psychological thriller The Bestseller is slashed from £7.99 to £4.79 - You can buy it HERE


Unknown said...

Hi Stephen,

Just wondering if we are ever going to hear "Jenny is going to hell Jack Nightingale" or is that part of Jack behind him?

Stephen Leather said...

I am going to try to get Jenny back into Nightingale's life.... it's tough, though!

Unknown said...

It has to happen,they should become a team again. Over to you Stephen, We await with hope.

Terry Halligan said...

My next review is as follows:-

"The Shout" written by Stephen Leather and published on 25th January 2018 by Hodder & Stoughton. 416 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1473671782

Vicky Lewis is a force to be reckoned with: not yet thirty and already crew manager in the London Fire Brigade, she's destined for great things.
But when she enters a burning building to save a man's life and leaves it with catastrophic injuries, all that changes. She's shunted over to the Fire Investigation Unit, where she's forced to team up with cantankerous veteran Des Farmer, a.k.a. the Grouch.
When Vicky stumbles across the Grouch's off-the-books investigation into the fiery deaths of a series of young, blonde women, she decides to join him in his search for the truth.
The answer is close - perhaps too close. Vicky's already been burnt once, and now she's playing with fire

The Shout was a very exciting read and I can now fully appreciate the claim that Stephen Leather is the single most requested author by inmates of HM Prisons who want to borrow books from the library trolley in order to better pass their time to be served!!
Stephen Leather is from a journalistic background and meticulously researches the background to all his books and it is very reassuring, reading facts and background details to his stories and knowing that they must be authentic because he has such a good reputation.

Something that I found particularly amusing is the authors fascination with the my name ’Halligan’. In his book “Rough Justice” an alias that the protagonist Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd uses is ‘Terry Halligan’ and in this book “The Shout” he mentions a tool that fireman use which is a “Halligan Bar” several times. Strange is it not?

I thought that this was a real belter of a story and easily the best that he has ever written. His keen journalistic attention to detail kept me gripped to the edge of my seat right up to the last page. As this a stand alone thriller it was really exciting to read stories away from his two main series i.e. the Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd one and the Jack Nightingale supernatural one. Leather is aware that a reader may buy his book on impulse and the story is fully explained for such occasional readers. I found the book extremely enjoyable and would certainly recommend it.

All in all, though this is quite a long book, but as the author likes to write as if he was the driver of an express train, the pages just flew by; I was so gripped by the tensely exciting plot to find the killer of all these innocent blonde girls. The extraordinary and completely unpredictable ending of this outstanding story was so incredibly imaginative, that I cannot wait to see what the next book by this very versatile and prolific author will be.

If you want to read a book that you should not read on public transport as you will be so absorbed that you will likely miss your stop as once started you won't want to put down then buy this one. Very strongly recommended. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via bookbridge for a fair review.

Terry Halligan