Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Covers On The Way

My publisher Hodder and Stoughton have been throwing around ideas for a revamp of my backlist. Here are the new versions they're planning for The Stretch and Tango One.

I think they're awesome!

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Nick said...

Nice covers, but a couple of tiny comments...Tango One - I would have the gun in the waistband more prominent to emphasise it and the fact the book is a thriller (although the dark and brooding guy should almost be enough!).
Re The Stretch, my exam question would be, would I pick it up on a shelf realising it is a thriller and the sort of thing I like and if I were to be honest, it does not shout "I am a thriller - buy me" quite enough. But I am sure publishers are far more switched on to what works than I am!
I remember these both well, think I stil have them with the old bold covers on the white background, bit scary when I realisd how long ago I had read them.