Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Eight Curious Cases Of Inspector Zhang

Some time ago I started writing short locked-room mysteries featuring a detective from Singapore, Inspector Zhang, and his pretty young sidekick, Sergeant Lee.

The stories are great fun to write but a little difficult, which is why over two years I have only managed eight. I have titles (and set-ups) for several more but haven't yet managed to work through the plots!

The eight that I have are now being published by Monsoon Books in Singapore, who also publish my Thailand books Private Dancer and Bangkok Bob and the Missing Mormon.

In the UK, Amazon has just slashed the price of the eBook to £2.47.  Now that's cheap!  You can buy the eBook for the Kindle BY CLICKING HERE 

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow to attend the FI Grand Prix - research for a new Inspector Zhang story, of course!

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Nick said...

have to say that this is a very high quality publication. As soon as I picked it up you could tell it was different. And that's without even mentioning the content!