Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nightshade Is Published Today!

Nightshade - the fourth book in the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective series - is published today!

I think it's the best yet!  It starts with Nightingale investigating a spree killing at a school in Northumberland, which looks like it might have a Satanic motive.

You can buy it in the UK by clicking HERE

I am self-publishing Nightshade in the US as an eBook on Kindle, using a different cover.

You can buy it in the US by clicking HERE

I'm shortly going to be starting on the fifth book, which I think will be called Lastnight.  But first I want to try my hand at a few Jack Nightingale short stories.  Watch this space!


Karl said...

Just finished nightshade last night. I would have to agree that it is the best one, it seemed so much darker than all the others as well. So happy you have mentioned writing a fifth so soon because I still have so many unanswered questions.
Me and a few friends think that the books could be done so well as films, and like to speculate about casting, perfect one so far would be Carey Mulligan as Jenny.

Unknown said...

Nothing to do with this book, but you might be interested to know that your book Private Dancer has been noted in a book (academic?) on how novelists have shaped Western perceptions of the East. The book is called Romancing the East, and I haven't read it - only found this blog post by accident.

Unknown said...

You might be interested in this blog-post - it's a book review, not of any book of yours, but a book that mentions a book of yours.

Unknown said...

Great fan of your books. Just reading False Friends - Great story but some minor mistakes. If you ever want someone to proof read this type of story who has an appropriate background don't hesitate to contact me, no fee, I'm a huge fan.