Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Nightmare Hardback Cover

Hodder and Stoughton have finalised the hardback cover for Nightmare, the third book in the Jack Nightingale trilogy. It looks amazing, I think. Hodder are just about to sign me to a new contract for two more Nightingale book so my thinking cap is on!


Dean Crawford said...

Looks great Stephen. One thought though, for you and the publishing team: the opening paragraph of the jacket blurb, top right of the image. I reckon the "What goes around, comes around" should be in italics or similar. Currently it reads a bit oddly when it's followed with: Jack Nightingale learned that as a cop... Needs to be distinct that it's the saying that he's learned is true, not something about to be revealed in the next line.
Hope that makes sense - first time I read it the lines definitely jarred a bit.

Angela Martin said...

When is the kindle edition coming? So excited to receive a notification in my email about new books from you. Went to amazon to pre-order ... no kindle edition!! :(

Nick said...

As a regular reviewer I get both the UK and the US Amazon Vine newsletters - in case you weren't aware, The Basement is in the current US Vine newsletter. So hopefully they will increase your awareness over the pond!

Nick said...

As a kind of regular reviewer, I get both the US and UK Amazon Vine newsletter. Just noticed that The Basement is available on the current US one - thought you might like to know - hopefully will increase your presence over the pond!

Leo said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the three books in the Jack Nightingale series and I do hope that we see more of Jack . Your mind must be working overtime to think where he will go next.Carry on with him, and I hope we see more of Jenny too .I read NIGHTMARE over Christmas and it was the best thing about the holiday .