Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Write-Up For The Basement!

The Basement gets an honourable mention in today's write-up of the UK eBook Bestseller list produced by The Bookseller magazine! The Basement is still in the UK Top 10 and has been there for most of the last eight months!

This is what was in The Bookseller:

Philip Stone, charts editor: Three books in's "Kindle Summer Sale" ("hundreds of books priced just £2.99 or less") earn places in the e-bestseller list Top 10 this week: police intelligence analyst Elizabeth Haynes' d├ębut novel, Into the Darkest Corner; Penny Feeny's 1979-set That Summer in Ischia; and new number one Benjamin Daniels' Confessions of a GP. All three are selling for just 99p at an average discount of 90% off their print edition r.r.p.s. Lucy Diamond's Sweet Temptation, Lyndsay Russell's Making it Big and C J Box's Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, three other 99p members of the same promotion, narrowly miss out on places in the Top 10.

Long-time e- book bestseller, Stephen Leather's The Basement clocks up a 20th week in The Bookseller's e-bestseller list in 2011. Benjamin Daniels is Leather's nearest rival in the longevity stakes, the doctor's Confessions of a GP having charted 16 times this year.

Leather's The Basement is the latest in a long line of e-books to have acquired a helpful subtitle on Amazon—this time "serial killer thriller with a breathtaking twist". Others include Saffina Desforges' Sugar & Spice (The Controversial Psycho-sexual Thriller), and Jason Krumbine's Fruitbasket from Hell (For Fans of Jasper Fforde and Terry Pratchett). How long such subtitles will last remains to be seen—earlier this year removed "For Fans of Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown" pretty promptly from the title of Louise Voss and Mark Edwards' Catch Your Death.

Incidentally, The Basement has received a solid four stars out of five on average from 346 reviewers at Apple's iBookstore although, intriguingly, one of the most recent ("slow to start and took a bit of getting into but on the whole enjoyable") received just three. The reviewer in question? A Mr "Stephen leather". Hmm....

Pos Title Author
1 (2) Confessions of a GP Benjamin Daniels
2 (-) Cold Kill Neil White
3 (-) That Summer in Ischia Penny Feeny
4 (3) Catch Your Death Voss and Edwards
5 (1) A Tiny Bit Marvellous Dawn French
6 (5) Afterwards Rosamund Lupton
7 (-) The Midwife's Confession Diane Chamberlain
8 (9) The Basement Stephen Leather
9 (-) Into the Darkest Corner Elizabeth Haynes
10 (7) A Game of Thrones George R R Martin


Nick said...

Am gradually trying to move to Kindle if only to stop the wife moaning about all the piles of books in the house!

Can I ask you a question about Fair Game? I am about half way through it and obviously enjoying it, but was a bit shocked when you introduced the character Nicholas Brett, since I share the same name! As it is not that usual a name, can I ask how you came up with it?
Obviously I am going to lie to my friends and tell them it's because I saved your cat from a river or something, but would be interested in the real story!
Nick Brett

Stephen Leather said...

Hi Nick! If someone emails me or posts a nice review on Amazon then I note down the name in my Filofax and use it as a character's name if I can!

Nick said...

Blimey, it actually was me then! I am amazed, flattered and delighted.
Many thanks!

Stephen Leather said...

Glad you spotted it! :-)

Nick said...

It's a shame I let myself down by soiling myself in the face of death though!!